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Cool off this Summer in Beautiful La Mirada!

by The Domis Team

Stay cool during the California summer at Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center!  Located at 13806 La Mirada Boulevard in the beautiful community of La Mirada, California, this incredible community facility offers 18 acres of water fun! It features a 25 meter pool and 50 meter pool that are open year round. During the summer, Buccaneer Bay opens up, offering water slides, play areas, lazy river, and so much more. The facility offers open swim times and swimming lessons. Beyond enjoying the regular aquatic activities at Splash! check out the fun special events that are being offered all summer long that your whole family will enjoy!


Have fun with other La Mirada families during Family Friday Nights at Buccaneer Bay! These special evenings are held on Friday evenings now through August 10th. The park will be open from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. General admission is $16.95 and is FREE for season pass holders.


Catch a flick during Swim-In-Movie Nights! On Sunday nights from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, you and your family can watch one of your favorite films while floating in the pool or lounging on the deck! Admission is $9 to watch in the pool and $6 to watch on the deck. Season pass holders will receive free popcorn during these events. Mark your calendars for these upcoming films:

July 22nd | Coco

August 12th | Ninjago

September 2nd | Moana


Sleep at the pool for Splash! Camp! Set up your tent and enjoy the night at Buccaneer Bay with your family and friends on Friday, August 10th, through Saturday, August 11th. Dinner and breakfast will be served. General admission is $36 (over 48”) and juniors/seniors admission is $29 (under 48”/ages 60+). Season pass holders receive $5 off these prices.

Splash! is just one of the incredible community facilities that make La Mirada such a great place for families! Interested in Buying your dream home in this family friendly city? Give The Domis Team a call today or visit our website at so we can help make your dreams a reality!  


Image Credit: Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center

Relocating to Whittier for Work? Help is Here!

by The Domis Team

Congrats! You got a new job offer in the Greater Los Angeles area! Moving to a new city for a career is an exciting process. Along with the new job, you will need to start considering where you are going to live. Although it can be stressful to think about a mortgage at the same time as starting you make a career move, it is a great way to lay down some roots in your new community. The Domis Team is here to help Buyers navigate the relocation process in our communities.


How does a job change affect your mortgage?

Starting a new job has an inevitable affect on your loan approval. But, do not dismay! Lenders are interested in your ability to proof that you can afford the home for at least the next three years. The best way to prove this is through your income and employment history. As long as you have not been continually changing jobs or had long breaks in employment, your lender will be able to review your finances in a positive light. Your new job will also display your ability to repay the loan. If you are getting a promotion or receiving a pay/benefit increase, these are positive indicators for a mortgage. As long as you will be working full time and have a long term contract, your approval chances should not change. Be sure to share your offer letter with salary confirmation to the lender. In addition, they will want to see proof of employment within 30 days. This can be done with your first pay stub. Follow this simple advice and your should have no issues being approved for a loan!


How to acquire a home loan in the midst of relocating?

There are several factors to consider during this process. If you own a home in your current location, determine how long you can afford that mortgage while trying to settle into your new community. You need to be prepared if your current home does not sell as quickly as you were expecting. If you can't afford two mortgages at once, consider renting in your new location at first. Not only does this give you time for your employment verification but also provides you with the opportunity to explore your new surroundings and find the perfect neighborhood for you. However, if you are determined to find a new home immediately upon relocating, there are options. Find out what your new company offers in terms of relocation packages. These can range from paying for movers, helping with closing costs, to down payment coverage and more. Some companies even offer a Guaranteed Buy Out. This generous plan has the company buying your current home at appraisal value if it does not sell quickly. Again, talk to your new employer what options are available to you as you may be able to get more help than you realize!


We are excited for you to be joining us in the beautiful Whittier, La Habra, and La Habra Heights area. Contact us today for a Free Relocation Package and with any additional questions you might have. We cannot wait to help you find your dream home. Give us a call today or visit our website at


Why It Pays to Stage Your Whittier Home!

by The Domis Team

One of the most effective tools you can use to sell your Southern California home is Home Staging! Home staging is the art of temporarily decorating your home in order to sell it within the market. This essential step in the selling process helps set your home apart from the competition, creates a strong first impression, and taps into the psychology of buyers. It ensures that your home looks its very best and allows buyers to visualize themselves within the space. Since staging does require some capital, sellers often question the benefits of it. We get it! You want a high return on your investment. Studies have shown that staged homes sell faster and go for a higher dollar value. Still do not believe us? The proof is in the statistics!



The National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Staging found these key findings!

  • Improved the buyer's opinion of a home by 49%

  • Enabled buyers to visualize themselves in the home by 77%

  • 40% of buyers were more willing to look at a staged home they found online, especially if it is decorated to the buyers' taste

  • Buyers and Sellers found the most important rooms to be staged (in order) are the living room, master bedroom, kitchen, and dining room

  • In general, the dollar value of homes increased 1% to 5% through staging, with some sellers seeing a 6% to 10% increase

  • 39% of realtors representing sellers stated that homes moved off the market faster once staged


Ready to stage your home?! There are 5 simple areas to focus on to help make your home look like it was staged by a pro! 


  • Use light, neutral colors to open up the space and brighten it up.

  • Finish home improvement projects and deep clean the entire home. M

  • Clear away unnecessary items. You do not want to have distracting clutter. Also, remove personal items that make it more difficult for buyers to visualize the home as theirs.

  • Add flowers and candles to create a homey, inviting atmosphere.

  • Place furniture in areas that make rooms look bigger and draw the eye to architectural features. Remove excess pieces.


For more helpful Home Selling Tips, visit our website at


Data Credit: National Association of REALTORS®


Mark Your Calendars for the 2018 OC Fair!

by The Domis Team

Mark your calendars! The 2018 OC Fair is just a week away!!! Head down to the OC Fair & Event Center (88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa) Friday, July 13th, through Sunday, August 12th, for the ultimate celebration of Orange County living.  The whole family will love the fair! Show off your adventurous side on the Carnival Rides. Cheer on the participants in the Competitions & Contests. Fill your belly with your favorite fair Food. Explore all the incredible local talent on display at the Exhibits. Check out all the incredible Free Entertainment. Find unique items to purchase in the numerous Shopping areas. Get your adrenaline fix at the Action Sports Arena with motocross, monster trucks, rodeos, demolition derbies, and other heart pounding events daily. And finally, do not miss spectacular live performances by your favorite national recording artists and comedians at the Pacific Amphitheatre and The Hanger (performances at these venues are not included with fair admission).  


2018 OC Fair Events Calendar


Hours of Operation

Monday - Tuesday | CLOSED

Wednesday - Friday | Noon to Midnight

Saturday - Sunday | 11:00 am to Midnight


Ticket Information

Single Day Admission | Wednesday - Friday

  • General (ages 13-59): $12

  • Senior (ages 60+): $7

  • Youth (ages 6-12): $7

  • Child (ages 5 & under): FREE

  • Purchase tickets HERE!

Single Day Admission | Saturday & Sunday

  • General (ages 13-59): $14

  • Senior (ages 60+): $7

  • Youth (ages 6-12): $7

  • Child (ages 5 & under): FREE

  • Purchase tickets HERE!

Super Pass

  • General (ages 13-59): $40

  • Senior (ages 60+): $33

  • Youth (ages 6-12): $33

  • Click HERE to learn about everything included with the Super Pass!

**Tickets for the OC Fair can be purchased at the links above, through Ticketmaster (online, outlet location, or phone), or at the OC Fair Box Office (10:00 am - 9:00 pm Wednesday-Sunday).


Be sure to come on down on Wednesday, August 1st, to show off your community pride during La Habra’s City Day Celebration! Throughout the fair, local towns within Orange County are celebrated on particular days. Don’t miss the raising of the La Habra community flag at 12:30 pm and the national anthem lead by local city representatives as we celebrate our beloved hometown! Be sure to pick up your special $2 discount admission coupon for being an Orange County resident at La Habra’s city hall.


The Domis Team wishes everyone in Orange County a happy & safe time at the 2018 OC Fair!


Image Credit: OC Fair & Event Center

With the celebrations of the 4th of July upon us, it's important to protect your pets from the stress of Fireworks Displays that will fill the nighttime sky.  Pets are under stress from loud auditory sounds throughout their daily lives;  police cars, ambulances, firetrucks, construction and more.  However, firework displays are far greater in volume than the 120-decibel pain threshold for pets...fireworks are in the 170-decibel range! 

Below are some tips to help alleviate the stress and keep your pets safe:


2. Keep them in an interior room to help shield from the exterior noise.

3. Turn on the Television or Radio to add some everyday background noise that can interfere with the loud noises outside.

4. If at all possible, have a family member stay with your pets during this time.  Especially if you have a new pet!

5. Make sure the room you put them in does not have an easy escape route.  The number of pets that try to escape their situation during fireworks increases substantially on the 4th.

6. Check to be sure that your pet has identification tags or is chipped, in case they do escape the home.

7. If you've chosen to have fireworks at your own home, make sure you've cleaned up the debris as it will be toxic for pets...especially when being chewed on.

8. When returning from a fireworks display, try to be calm upon entering your home and keeping loud everyday home noises to a minimum.  

Wishing you all a happy & safe Independence Day!

Helping Buyers Outsmart Common Misconceptions!

by The Domis Team

You've decide to buy a new home. Congrats! Home buying is an exciting but daunting task. Whether you are a a new or experienced home buyer, there are a lot of common misconceptions about the process that can cause you more stress and difficulties immediately and into the future. Let us help you outsmart these misconceptions and know the facts before you set off on your journey towards your dream home!


Common Misconception: The Home Search is the First Step.

Truth: Although searching for homes on the internet might have jump started your journey towards home buying, it should not be prioritized as your first step in the process. Stop searching for homes and FIRST focus on your finances. This involves making sure your credit standing is good and receiving pre-approval for a mortgage. By focusing on your financing before searching, you can accurately know what homes on the market fit within your budget and focus your search within your parameters. There are few things worse than having your heart set on a home only to discover that there is no way you can afford it.


Common Misconception: Bad Credit Disqualifies You from Buying a Home.

Truth: While having good credit is obviously to your benefit during the home buying process, you still have options even if your credit is not stellar. Home buyers with bad credit have financing options, such as FHA loans, that might be available for them. It is important to take the time to research your options.


Common Misconception: 30-Year Mortgages Save You Money.

Truth: It all comes down to math. Regardless of whether you choose a 15-year or 30-year mortgage, you are borrowing the same amount. However, you are multiplying the amount of time that you are paying back that amount by 2. This means more interest is accruing over this additional time and you will end up paying MORE. This is not to say that a 30-year mortgage is not your best option. Just ensure that you do plenty of research on all the loan options available to you to select what best fits your financial situation now and into the future.


Common Misconception: The Down Payment is your ONLY Upfront Cost.

Truth: Home buyers need to budget for several costs that can quickly add up during the process. Along with the down payment, home buyers should plan for credit report, inspection, and insurance costs. The deal you settle on with the seller could require you to pay for the closing costs as well.


Common Misconception: Your Down Payment Should be 20%.

Truth: A 20% down payment can help make you competitive amongst other buyers and can help you avoid paying for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). However, not all lenders require that amount. You may be eligible for a down payment of 5% or 10% if you are willing to pay for PMI monthly. There are also FHA loans and other down payment assistance programs that might be available to you.


Common Misconception: A Home Inspection is NOT a Necessity.

Truth: You should never waive the home inspection, no matter how much you want the house. Some sellers will try to negotiate this into the agreement but it is not in your interest. There is too much risk of there being something wrong with the house. You could end up having to spend a fortune in your money and time by skipping this step. Ensure that you find any potential issues with the house before you purchase it.


Common Misconception: Focus on Your Immediate Needs.

Truth: You should always consider what you and your family need in a home right now and into the future. Although it is impossible to know what your future holds, you want to choose a home and neighborhood that fits your needs now and indefinitely. Whether or not you have or will have children, find a home near good schools. Research has shown that homes near excellent schools have a higher resale value.


Common Misconception: You Must Offer the Asking Price.

Truth: Although you might fear losing your home to competition by offering a lower price, you should always try to negotiate a deal that best fits your need. Sellers are obviously hoping to get top dollar for their home but they also want to sell it quickly and easily. By showing that you have good credit, are pre-approved for a loan, and/or have your down payment ready to go, sellers will likely be willing to negotiate with you since your finances are in order. Also, the results of the home inspection can also be used to help you negotiate a lower price.


Common Misconception: You Can Go It Alone.

Truth: While the internet makes the search for homes arguably easier and more convenient for individuals, you should always work with an Experienced Realtor during the home buying process. There is a wealth of knowledge that only realtors can offer! We understand the local market, have years of negotiation experience, and so much more. We can help alleviate the inevitable stress that comes along with the home buying process by being by your side and always keeping your best interests at the forefront.

Ready to BUY your dream home in the Whittier area? Work with the very best! Give The Domis Team a call today or visit our website at!   

4th of July Celebrations in the Whittier Area!

by The Domis Team

Celebrate America's birthday throughout the Whittier area! There are fantastic, family friendly Independence Day events planned for this year! This holiday is meant for us to celebrate the founding of the United States and the incredible freedoms that we are able to enjoy everyday as citizens of this great country! Show off your patriotic pride at one of these area 4th of July celebrations!




La Mirada

Independence Celebration

When: Tuesday, July 3rd | 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Where: La Mirada Community Regional Park (13701 Adelfa Drive)  

Cost: FREE!

Celebrate Independence Day in La Mirada at this great annual event. There will be delicious food available for purchase by local community organizations as well as live music to enjoy throughout the event. The event concludes with a patriotic program and fireworks display.


La Habra

4th of July 2018

When: Wednesday, July 4th | 5:00 pm - 9:45 pm

Where: La Bonita Park (1440 West Whittier Boulevard)

Cost: $7 per adult (ages 13 & up) | $5 per child (ages 3-12)

Enjoy a day of family fun in La Habra. There will be live music by Soto, food and merchandise vendors, and raffles. The kids’ zone features balloon art, carnival games, face painting, and inflatables. The spectacular fireworks show begins at 9:00 pm.



Fireworks Spectacular

When: Wednesday, July 4th | 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Where: York Field (9110 Santa Fe Springs Road)

Cost: $5 per adult | FREE for children

Whittier is celebrating the 4th of July with an evening filled with food vendors, inflatables, live music by Stone Soul, and more. Stick around for the fantastic fireworks show which starts at 9:00 pm.




The Domis Team wishes everyone in the Whittier area a very happy & safe July 4th!  


Avoid These Seller Mistakes!

by The Domis Team

We recently told you all about buyers mistakes that can cost you your dream home. But, what mistakes should you avoid if you selling your home?! Help is once again here! The Whittier CA area real estate market is hotter than ever.  Avoid these costly mistakes that will hinder your home sale and decrease the price you get for your home.


Mistake #1: Trying to sell on your own. 

Many times homeowners feel they are best equipped to sell their home, after all, they know all the great reasons why this home is best.  Wrong!  Choosing to go at the home selling process alone is not only costly, but filled with pitfalls if you don't know how to navigate the process and players involved.  Partnering with the best local real estate team affords you their expertise of the market, knowledge of the process and players and a strong negotiation team.

Mistake #2: Putting your home on the market before it is ready. 

While it's always important to be one of the first to market in such a competitive environment, it is also foolish to showcase your home if it isn't in tip top shape!  Always consult with your experienced agent for tips on updates and minor repairs before going to market.  This will not only make your home look its best, but help you get the best price available for your home.

Mistake #3: Overpricing your home from the start. 

Your experienced real estate agent knows the local market, your neighborhood and your homes best selling qualities.  From this they are able to price your home at the best point to gain you top dollar, but also sell in a timely fashion.  Overpricing at the start usually results in a price reduction and sometimes buyer hesitation.

Mistake #4: Unwilling to Negotiate.  

Selling your home is no different that many other sales in that negotiation is a key selling point.  Discuss this with your agent prior to listing your home.  Know what you are willing to give and what is an absolute NO.

Mistake #5: Making requested repairs. 

This can result in a blown sale very quickly and is also why it is important to take all reasonable steps to make these repairs before your home goes to market.  Requests for repairs is very common in the offer and negotiation process.


For more home selling tips visit our website and follow-us on our Facebook page.

Rock The Summer Away in Whittier!

by The Domis Team

Get ready for a rockin' good time all summer long in beautiful Whittier CA! The City of Whittier Concerts in the Park 2018 series is back! Starting Monday, June 25th, enjoy this incredible summer concert series. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets and find the perfect spot in the park to enjoy your evening of music. All concerts begin at 7:00 pm. The best part.....these concerts are FREE!


Mondays @ Central Park (6537 Friends Avenue)

June 25th | Moonlight Express | Big Band

July 9th | Clapton Road | Eric Clapton Tribute

July 16th | The Kings of 88 | Piano Rock

July 23rd | Identity Theft | 80’s

July 30th | The Society | Top 40s

August 6th | Einstein Brown | Reggae


Thursdays @ Parnell Park (15390 Lambert Road)

June 28th | The Smokin’ Cobras | 50’s & 60’s

July 12th | Trinity | Styx, Foreigner, Journey Tribute

**Shop Local Community Expo 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm**

July 19th | My Generation | British Invasion

July 26th | Las Colibrí | Mariachi

August 2nd | Cold Duck | Latin & Top 40s

**National Night Out  5:00 pm - 8:00 pm**

August 9th | Time Bomb | 1975-1985 Hits


The Domis Team hopes to see everyone this summer at the City of Whittier Concerts in the Park!

Image Credit: Yelp

Increase Your Property Value with Great Landscaping Design!

by The Domis Team

Looking for an easy way to increase your home's value? Look no further than outside! Landscaping is one of the most valuable home improvements you can make. It can even raise your property value by at least 5 to 11 percent! Enjoy a great return on investment on your Whittier Area home by updating your landscaping today!


Be smart with your design! Your landscaping should match your home's style. Think about the architectural style of your home. The landscape should blend in. Cottage or country style landscaping goes great with old fashioned architecture while clean lines and natural looking landscaping is perfect for modern, industrial architecture.


Always have a strategy! Great landscaping requires a great plan. Map out your landscaping first. This will allow you to make sure there is a good balance throughout your entire yard. A good rule of thumb is to add good foundation plantings and a few points of interest throughout the yard. Make sure that there is a wide variety in your plantings while still maintaining some uniformity.


Make it interesting all year round! You want your yard to look great no matter the time of year. Although we do not experience all the seasonal changes in southern California, you should still think about the seasons. This will ensure balance and interest throughout the year.


Keep it shady! Trees are a great asset for your home. People are more attracted to properties with trees. They can help keep your and your home cool during those hot California days. As an added bonus, they help the environment and add visual interest to your yard.


Have edging on your lawn! Your yard should always look well maintained. An easy way to ensure that is through edging around your flower beds, walkways, and driveways. They will keep weeds away and show you take pride in the upkeep of your home.


For more landscaping and home owner tips, visit our Website and follow-us on our Facebook page.


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