City of La Habra, CA

City of La Habra, CA

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City of La Habra, California

City of La habraLa Habra is a peaceful residential community located in the northmost corner of famouse Orange County. If you're looking to live within an hours drive of beaches, mountains, best shopping and most things to do in LA, La Habra is definitely the spot for you! The city is surrounded by nature and actually has over 20 parks within its limits, with tons of resident and community driven activities for all ages, there is never a lack of things to do in La Habra! If you don't have enough, even more is available within a short drive outside of La Habra.

City Flower: Hibiscus
City Tree: Avocado
City Motto: "La Habra - A Caring Community"

The City of La Habra, its officials and employees value:

INTEGRITY – Having integrity means being true to our values and acting with consistency in every situation. Integrity involves self-reflection, self-control and behaving toward others truthfully and in a manner consistent with our values and beliefs.

RESPECT – Showing respect towards others includes patient listening, courtesy, politeness, dignity and tolerance. Respect requires keeping an open mind, avoiding quick judgment, and treating people equally and fairly. In all that we do, we act to treat others as we would like to be treated.

TRUST – Building and maintaining the public’s trust and our trust in each other requires honesty, sincerity and playing by the rules. To establish trust in our relationships with others means to follow through with our responsibilities and promises to others and to communicate in a forthright and truthful way.

EXCELLENCE – We value excellence in our work and dealings with others. Excellence means exceeding expectations and always being careful, thorough and diligent in our performance. We continuously use our knowledge, skills and abilities to identify and implement ways to improve our organization and our processes, programs and services.

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP – We are part of the community. Community partnership involves collaborating with residents and organizations for the betterment of La Habra. We value communication with those that we serve and encourage their participation in our community.

RESPONSIBILITY – We are responsible to one another, our work, and the community as a whole. Having responsibility means accepting our role in the City’s mission and being accountable for our actions, freely accepting the outcomes and consequences. We consider the impact of our decisions on each other and the community and own up to our mistakes.

LOYALTY – We are loyal to our chosen profession and to the community. We will continuously seek out opportunities to promote the community’s interests for the common good. La Habra and its residents and businesses are the highest priority in our professional lives.

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History of La Habra

In the ranchos days when vast herds of Mexican cattle and horses grazed over the hills and valleys of Southern California, Mariano Reyes Roldan was granted 6,698 acres and named his land Rancho Cañada de La Habra. The year was 1839, and the name referred to the “Pass Through the Hills,” the natural pass to the north first discovered by Spanish explorers in 1769. In the 1860s Abel Stearns purchased Rancho La Habra. Soon thereafter, heavy flooding followed by a severe drought brought bankruptcy to many cattle ranchers.

The first La Habra Post Office was established in 1898 in a corner of Coy's Store at Central (now La Habra Boulevard) and Euclid Street.

The City was incorporated under general law on January 20, 1925 with a population of 3,000. The Police Force was organized in 1926 and employed a Chief, Traffic Officer and Patrolman. By 1928, the City bore the distinction of being the largest avocado center in Southern California. In 1930 the first Fire Department building was constructed followed by the original City Hall in 1935. By 1950 the population reached nearly 5,000. The Civic Center took shape when the existing County Library was dedicated in 1966, followed by the present Administration Building in 1969.

Richard Milhous Nixon opened his first law office in La Habra just west of the Civic Center on the north side of La Habra Boulevard. That brick building was demolished in the 1990s for the construction of the City's Community Center.

For over seventy years La Habra was home to the Hass Avocado Mother Tree, an accidental seedling planted by Rudolph Hass in the 1920s. The fruit from this tree has since become one of the most popular avocado cultivars worldwide. The Hass Mother Tree succumbed to root rot in 2002.

The La Habra Stakes, run since 1973 at the Santa Anita Park Thoroughbred race track, is named for La Habra.

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La Habra Education and Schools

La Habra City School District

  • Arbolita Elementary
  • El Cerrito Elementary
  • Ladera Palma Elementary
  • Las Lomas Elementary
  • Las Positas Elementary
  • Sierra Vista Elementary
  • Walnut Elementary
  • Imperial Middle School
  • Washington Middle School

Lowell Joint School District

  • El Portal Elementary
  • Macy Elementary
  • Olita Elementary

Fullerton Joint Union High School District

  • La Habra High School
  • Sonora High School

Whittier Christian High School

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Things To Do in La Habra

Boulevard of the Bells
In commemoration of the original El Camino Real route that traversed Central Avenue (now La Habra Boulevard) during the mission days, replica 1906 bells have been placed at significant historical sites along that route, establishing this historical corridor as "The Boulevard of the Bells."

The bell and plaque at the corner of La Habra Boulevard and Euclid Street marks "La Habra's Birthplace". According to the wording on the plaque, "The first post office officially naming this settlement La Habra was granted in 1898 and was established in a corner of Coy's Store, located on this site. El Camino Viejo, the old road between the missions, passed this corner, which became a central trading point in the fertile La Habra valley." The plaque was designated Historical Site No. 29 in 1978, by the Orange County Board of Supervisors and Orange County Historical Commission.

World-Famous Corn Festival
La Habra is also home to the annual Corn Festival, an event sponsored by the La Habra Host Lions Club that attracts several thousand visitors from La Habra and surrounding communities. The event is usually held the first weekend in August at El Centro-Lions Park.

Richard Nixon Law Office
The Milhous Family, grandparents of the nation's 37th President, Richard Milhous Nixon, were among the first settlers in La Habra. Richard Nixon opened his first law office in La Habra, located on La Habra Boulevard, at the site of the current Community Center.

Children's Museum at La Habra
This hands-on facility is partially housed inside a 1923 Union Pacific Train Depot. The museum opened in 1977 and was the first of its kind west of the Mississippi River. This unique educational facility is devoted to young children. The Museum boasts 90,000+ visitors a year. The Children’s Museum can be found on the Web at

La Bonita Sports Complex
La Bonita Sports Complex is located at 1440 W. Whittier Boulevard and is home to a skate park, multi-use rink and court, four lighted softball fields, playground and a concession/restroom building. This multi-million dollar facility was completed in 2006 and is a crowning jewel in the City’s park system.

Parks in La Habra

Constitution Plaza Park - 1150 E. Whittier Blvd.
Constitution Plaza is an urban open space located at the intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Whittier Boulevard. It is 0.55 acres. It serves as a memorial and an urban design feature marking the end of Whittier Boulevard and Harbor Boulevard. It does not serve as a recreational park.

  • 0.55-acre park
  • Landscaped planter
  • Three large flag poles with park benches to reflect the City’s history

Corona Park - 735 W. Fifth Ave.

  • Currently undeveloped
  • 0.18-acre neighborhood park
  • Picnic area and turf

Descanso Park - 170 N. Fonda Ave.
Descanso Park is a one acre park located off Stearns Avenue just east of Harbor Boulevard. It includes a small playground area and serves as a neighborhood park for the adjacent residential neighborhood.park_picture

  • 1-acre neighborhood park
  • Children’s playground area
  • Concrete sidewalk for walking, shaded with trees
  • Small turf area for children to run and play

El Centro-Lions Park - 320 E. Erna Ave.
El Centro-Lions Park is located at 320 Erna Avenue and is the oldest park in the City. The City acquired the park in 1948 from the Lions Club. The park is 3.98 acres in size and is located near the civic center, just across from Orange Street. It serves as a focal point of the community with an annual Corn Festival on the first Saturday in every August. The festival draws about five thousand people to come into the park and enjoy themselves with a variety of events.

  • 3.98 acre neighborhood park
  • Two playgrounds
  • Restrooms
  • Two basketball courts
  • Large patio area
  • Barbecues
  • Sinks
  • Corn Festival in August

Esteli Park - 2251 E. Brookdale Ave.
Esteli Park is located north of East Brookdale Avenue at the far northeast corner of La Habra. It is 9.76 acres in size and is adjacent to Ladera Palma Elementary School. The park was dedicated in 1976 to commemorate the City of Esteli, which is a sister city of La Habra. Esteli Park is an active park and includes a football field and two baseball diamonds with bleachers and a concession building.

  • 8.4 acres developed and 1.3 acres of natural undeveloped park
  • Football field
  • Turf area
  • Two hardball fields
  • Landscape planters and trees
  • Snack Bar and Restrooms

Guadalupe Park - 381 S. Walnut St.
Guadalupe Park is located at the northwest corner of South Walnut Street and is adjacent to the railroad. The 4.93-acre linear park and greenbelt includes a playground, an outdoor exercise course, The Gary Center, and a boxing club within Guadalupe Hall.

  • 2.5-acre developed and 2.4 acres of undeveloped nature park
  • Paved bike trail
  • Open space planted with native California plants
  • Drinking fountains
  • Picnic facilities
  • Bike paths
  • Small playground
  • Fitness course

La Bonita Park - 1440 W. Whittier Blvd.
The City of La Habra purchased the 22.6 acres of La Bonita Park in 1957, and development was initiated in 1960. The park includes picnic facilities, playgrounds, restrooms, softball fields, a skate park, a girl's pavilion, and the Boys and Girls Club. There are four lighted baseball diamonds and a large open field.

The Boys and Girls club within the park is a quasi-public recreational facility which is largely supported by grants. The club is focused primarily toward teen-aged activities and charges a nominal fee ($5) for membership which enables the use of its gym, its many classrooms and programs. The programs include cultural enrichment classes, health and physical education programs, professional development and educational classes, social recreation, and citizenship and leadership programs. The club also features an after school van pool pick-up program to bring its members to the club after school.

There are three on-site parking lots for the park. One at the north end is directly off of Whittier Boulevard, one is at the south end of the park off Grenada Drive at West Hanline Way, and the third is on the east end of the park off of Idaho Street.

  • 20 acres developed and 2 acres undeveloped neighborhood park
  • Picnic facilities
  • 2 Restrooms
  • New playground facilities
  • 4 lighted softball fields
  • Skate park
  • Roller hockey facility
  • Basketball Courts
  • Home to Girl Scouts, Child Development Center, and the Boys and Girls Club
  • Snack bar
  • Landscaped trail that follows stream bed

Las Lomas Park - 841 S. Euclid St.
The 2.2 acre Las Lomas Park was developed in 1968. Las Lomas Park provides picnic facilities, a restroom, and a playground for the adjacent residential neighborhood. The park is adjacent to Las Lomas School.playground

  • 2.2-acre neighborhood park
  • Playground facilities
  • Picnic areas
  • Barbecues
  • Restrooms
  • Dirt oval walking course
  • New irrigation system and landscaping, playground & restroom

Leslie Park - Imperial Hwy. and Leslie St.
Leslie Park is a small park of 0.53 acres. It is an open area that was a remnant parcel from a realignment of Leslie Street. It functions as a landscaped open space. The adjacent areas are commercial and industrial areas.

  • 0.53 acre natural open space area with trees and turf

Loma Norte Park - 2051 E. Brookdale Ave.
Loma Norte Park is located immediately west of Ladera Palma School. It is 4.86 acres in size. Ladera Palma School is also adjacent to Esteli Park to the east.

  • 4.86-acre neighborhood park
  • Playground facilities
  • Picnic areas
  • Restroom
  • Drinking fountains
  • The park is built on three levels with a concrete walkway connecting all levels
  • New playground facilities
  • Barbecues

Loma Verde Park - 501 S. Walnut St.
Loma Verde Park is 1.6 acres in size within a triangular shaped lot. This land was acquired in 1972 and now includes a basketball court, a multi-purpose play field that allows an overlay of a soccer field, BBQ grills, and picnic tables. There is also a small amount of on-site parking within the park.

  • 1.6 acre neighborhood park
  • Playground facilities
  • Picnic areas
  • Basketball court
  • Trees and turf area
  • New playground
  • Barbecues

Montwood Park - 231 E. Montwood Ave.
Montwood Park is located on Montwood Avenue, just east of South Euclid Street. It is a small park of 0.60 acres. The park also functions as an open space for the adjacent neighborhood.

  • 0.60 acre neighborhood park
  • Two playground facilities
  • Picnic areasTree and turf area
  • Park benches

Oeste Park - 2300 W. Lambert Rd.
Oeste Park is 4.56 acres in size and was developed in 1965. The park includes two playgrounds, restrooms, BBQ grills, picnic tables, and drinking fountains. Olita School is adjacent to the park, and access is readily available from the school. Therefore, the park is especially popular with children and parents. There is on-site parking off Lambert Road, as well as from the adjacent neighborhood off Glenhaven Drive.

  • 4.56 acre neighborhood park
  • Two playground facilities (one for toddlers and one for older children)
  • Barbecues
  • Picnic facilities
  • Gravel walkway for exercise
  • Park benches
  • Tree and turf area
  • Drinking fountains

Old Reservoir Park
Old Reservoir Park is a small park of 1.09 acres in size. It is located off Brookdale Avenue, just west of Fullerton Road. The park is near Arbolita School which provides larger recreational grounds for the neighborhood.

  • 1.09 acre neighborhood park
  • Picnic facilities
  • Landscaped planters
  • Tree and turf area
  • Park benches

Old Settlers Park - Euclid St. / La Habra Blvd.
This park is a small 0.07 acre landscaped area located at the northwest corner of Euclid Street and La Habra Boulevard. The Park is completely landscaped and has no open lawn area. Nearby there is a historical plaque marking the former location where former President Richard Nixon opened his first law office in La Habra, at the site of the current La Habra Community Center.

Osornio Park - 1500 N. Hacienda Road

  • 5.0 acre neighborhood parkBasketball courts
  • Tree and turf area

Portola Park - 301 S. Euclid St.
Located in the central part of the city, the 10.08-acre Portola Park is located north of West Electric Avenue and west of South Euclid Street. It was developed in 1975. Portola Park is a popular park due to its many facilities. It includes the Children's Museum at La Habra that attracts many visitors from throughout Southern California. The museum is also used as a teaching facility by teachers from many areas. The park was also the site of an old railroad station which has been rehabilitated to house the Children's Museum. The museum has recently expanded and includes a new building that extends the old railroad station and has kept its architectural integrity.

Within the park there are also two City-operated day care centers that serve approximately 600 children. The park includes enclosed playground facilities for the day care centers and a community theater which provides a venue for plays and theatrical productions. There is also the La Habra Tennis Center which includes 12 lighted courts, a pro shop, and locker facilities. The center provides private court rental and lessons for various age groups. The park also has three ball fields with bleachers and an open area for picnic use on the northern side of the park. All of these uses share a single parking lot. 

  • 10-acre neighborhood park
  • Three hardball fields
  • Playground facilities
  • Picnic facilities
  • Park benches
  • Asphalt and concrete paths
  • Snack bar
  • Restrooms
  • Two daycare facilities
  • Depot Theatre
  • An outdoor stage
  • La Habra Tennis Center
  • The Children’s Museum at La Habra
  • Barbecues

Richard’s Park - 701 S. Clifton St.
Richard's Park is a small open space of 0.28 acres in size, located at the intersection of Lambert Road and Euclid Street. The landscaping features a water conservation landscape.

  • 0.28 acre natural open space
  • Landscaped planters

San Miguel De Allende Park - 981 N. Euclid St.
San Miguel De Allende Park is a neighborhood park and provides picnic facilities and playground. The park serves as the primary open area and park for the surrounding residents.

  • 2.99 acre neighborhood park
  • Playground facilities
  • Picnic tables
  • Drinking fountain
  • Tree and turf area

Terraza Park - 450 S. Dexford Dr.
Terraza Park is located at the west side of the city and was developed in 1976. It is a 2.39 acre park. The park includes picnic facilities, an open grass area, and a playground with play apparatus.

  • 2.39 acre neighborhood park
  • Playground facilities
  • Picnic facilities
  • Drinking fountain
  • Tree and turf area
  • Barbecues

Town Center Park - Main St. / First Ave.
This park is a small open area at Main Street and First Avenue. It serves as an open lawn area of 0.21 acres to the north of the intersection. A short walk north to La Habra Boulevard and west to Euclid street will bring you to Historical Site No. 29 commemorating the route of the original El Camino Real. Spanish for The Royal Road and also known as The King's Highway, the historical route from the Spanish colonial era connected 21 missions and other sites in the former Alta California. The plaque also marks the birthplace of La Habra when the first post office naming this settlement La Habra was granted in 1898 and established on the site of the plaque.

Vista Grande Park - 1100 W. Lambert Rd.
Vista Grande Park is 17.54 acres in size and was acquired by the City in 1959. Vista Grande Park is located south of Lambert Road and east of Idaho Street. The park includes a restroom, a Scout Hut, a Head Start School, a wilderness area and bird sanctuary. The park is primarily an open space, and it is used for jogging and informal play by residents of the neighborhood.

  • Three acres developed and 14.54 acres undeveloped
  • Dirt walking path

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La Habra Real Estate

Stats - October 2013

Median Sales Price for Single Family Homes: $435,000 (16% Increase From 2012)

New Single Family Home Listings: 57

​New Townhouse/Condo Listings: 23  (91.7% Increase From 2012)

​Closed Sales - Single Family: 39

​Closed Sales - Townhouse/Condos: 18 

​Inventory (Single Family + Condos): 124

Stats Source:

Sample recent home sales in LA HABRA, CA (zip code 90631):

  • 111 VIRGINIA ST: $385,000 on 10.01.2013
  • 2601 DAVID AVE: $489,000 on 10.08.2013
  • 1240 BRASS LANTERN DR: $610,000 on 10.11.2013
  • 1611 ELMSFORD AVE: $435,000 on 10.23.2013
  • 1440 W HARRISON AVE: $880,000 on 10.24.2013
  • 611 ORCHARD PL: $408,000 on 10.31.2013

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La Habra Community Directory and Links

The La Habra Chamber of Commerce maintains a very detailed directory of everything you'd ever need to find in La Habra! So head on over to their site to use the convenient online La Habra Community directory.

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La Habra Demographics

As of the census of 2010, there were 60,239 people,19,924 household units and 18,977 occupied housing units in the city.

In the city, the population was spread out with 26.7% under the age of 18, 7.2% under the age of 5, and 10.9% of the population was 65 or older. The average family size was 3.20.

Estimated median household income in 2010: $62,078 (it was $47,652 in 2000)
La Habra: $62,078
California: $60,883

Estimated per capita income in 2010: $25,060
La Habra: $25,060
California: $29,188

Zip codes: 90631, 90632, 90633

​Source: +

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