Tomorrow is the start of the new year! It's time for a fresh start! As you sit down to make your resolutions for 2019, don't forget to include home improvements on your list! Check Out These Top New Year's Resolutions For Your Whittier Area Home!

1. Determine Your Budget.

Your want to make improvements to your home without overspending. In order to make the improvements you want as well as account for any unexpected maintenance issues that might pop up, set aside a particular budget for your home.


2. Keep The Air Fresh.

Improve the air quality in your home to keep your family in good health throughout the year. Upgrade to high quality furnace filters that will remove pollutants from the air. Be sure to change them regularly. Ensure that all fumes and humidity is properly ventilated from the kitchen and bathrooms. Consider placing air cleaners in particular rooms that might have more irritants than others.


3. Conserve Water and Energy.

Save money on your monthly bills and help mother year in the new year by cutting back on your water and energy usage. Install high efficiency toilets and low flow showerheads to keep your water usage down. Keep your cooling system working efficiently by making sure your ductwork is properly sealed and insulated.


4. Use Maintenance Free Materials.

Keep your home in tip top shape throughout 2019 by installing maintenance free materials in your home. Consider upgrading to fiber cement siding that is resilient against all weather and keeps out insects, protects against fire, and won't rot. Change out your floors to ceramic tiles as they are stain and moisture resistant.


5. Declutter.

Get a fresh start in the new year by getting rid of the unnecessary items you have accumulated over time. Find a safe storage spot for those items that have sentimental value but you don't use regularly. Donate all items that are in good condition that you truly have no use for.


6. Make Home Improvements Fun.

There are ways to make your home improvement tasks fun and help you achieve other resolutions you have set. Spend more time with your family by working on these tasks as a team. Help get yourself in shape while you work on projects. You will burn calories while you update your home!


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