If you are planning on remodeling your Whittier home, you’re in good company! According to a homeowner survey by remodeling website Houzz, 53% of homeowners believe that now is a good time to remodel. Motivations for remodeling include improving living conditions for personal enjoyment as well as improving home value and marketability.

The most popular renovation projects involve bathrooms and kitchens. 28% said they were planning a bathroom remodel or addition, while 23% of those surveyed said they were planning a kitchen remodel. On average, homeowners have spent about $28,000 to remodel a kitchen.

With this kind of price tag in mind, remodeling projects are not something to be taken lightly! Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your remodeling project, without breaking the bank:

Decide the essentials first. Are new kitchen cabinets a must? Ok, but what about the floor? Your wish list might turn out to be bigger than your budget, so start by deciding the absolute areas that your remodeling project must address. List everything else to the side.

Decide how soon you need to finish this project. Are you putting your home on the market in a couple months? Are you expecting to host visiting relatives? Have a realistic timeline for completion.

Determine your budget. Do you have the financing available or funds set aside to comfortably tackle your project? What’s the “wiggle room” in your budget?

Interview contractors and obtain several estimates. Beware of bids that are too cheap compared to the running norms. The contractor may be cutting some serious corners to make that bid possible, or he may plan to “surprise” you with extra charges along the way.

Compare the estimates to your budget. Are you still in business? Can you afford the little extras? Do you need to finance more of the project than expected?

Revisit your list of contractors and make an informed choice. Ask for referrals, and check them out against the Better Business Bureau. Also, personality counts! Don’t hire someone that rubs you the wrong way, no matter how good their prices are. It will only add stress to your experience.

If you are a Whittier homeowner who is thinking of selling, you should obtain a comparative market analysis before you begin your remodeling project. Your home might do just fine on the market as-is! We will be happy to show you how your home fits in the market today, and what sort of value potential your upgrades may provide.

When you are selling a home, get the local expertise you can trust.  Let the Domis Team show you how we obtain top dollar for your home! Whether you need information about your current home value, or you just have a few questions, we’ll be here to help you! Contact us today!

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