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History of La Habra City, CA – The First Hundred Years

by The Domis Team

Some interesting history about La Habra City, California. 

La Habra City has a rich Hispanic history starting with the Spanish explorers 1769, who discovered a natural pass in the area, before the United States came into exists in 1776.  Don Mariano Reyes Roldan, in 1839, was granted 6,698 acres for a rancho.  Don Mariano named his rancho Canada de La Habra (pass through the hills) for this natural pass.

Abel Stearns bought the Rancho in the 1860’s.  Shortly thereafter many ranchers in the area became bankrupt due to heavy flooding and then prolonged drought.  Sounds very much like modern California’s weather problems.  

  • The City Flower: Hibiscus
  • The City Tree: Avocado
  • The City Motto: La Habra – A Caring Community
  • La Habra City Mission Statement: Improve the quality of life in our community

By the 1890’s settlers, arriving by rail or wagon had purchased parcels of land.   The settlers raised sheep and grain.  One of the earliest settlers was the Milhous family which produced a future President of the United States. Richard Milhous Nixon practiced law in La Habra. 

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What’s the difference: El Nino or El Nina

by The Domis Team

El Nina is created by weak trade winds and cool Pacific water creating dryness for the West.  This creates droughts.  El Nino is the opposite, which is supposed to bring rain.

California weather is known to affect the rest of the West.  Since 2006 to 2009 California hasn’t received the average rainfall of 15.15 inches but, has not been considered in an El Nina. 

There were some heavy rains this season but, it wasn’t enough to bring tears of happiness to the farmers and water managers. Of course, there were homeowners thankful for not being a part of a mudslide. 

However, the Station Fire area lost to the mudslides because the fire that did such long term damage to the area.  Without the trees on the mountainside every year that it is an El Nino there will be the same concern for the homeowners.  So go, volunteer to re-plant the trees that the Forest Service has begun to re-seed.  There will be a need to re-plant trees through 2013 to help prevent future mudslides. 

Meanwhile, the Arctic Oscillation that brought flooding to the East did not help our community.  And the rainy season is almost over for California. 

Expect Water and Power Department to hold workshops on long term drought conditions and to place water restrictions.  And this is in an El Nino year. 

In May, the National Weather Service should be able to predict if it will be an El Nina or El Nino year for 2010. 

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Whittier - Can You Dig – Or Not? Call Dig Alert to Find Out.

by The Domis Team

The month of April is designated as National Safe Digging Month.   For those that are not aware - digging has become a hazard to modern life. 


For example, in Southern California in 1976 a construction crew hit an oil pipeline killing nine people and burning an entire block.  Because of this accident California established a call line for anyone digging.  However, again in 1985 another construction crew hit an electrical transmission line killing one man and another man unable to work ever again.  Both of these accidents created damages that cost millions.  This resulted in California passing legislation in 1986 making it a law.

In 1994, the Underground Facility Protection Act became the national law that required anyone digging to call 1-800-272-1000 or 811.  This law spells out what companies or individuals must do before digging. 

  • Call 1-800-272-1000 or 811 two complete work days before digging
  • Have  the information about the dig
  • Keep your ticket number in a safe place – permits will not be issued without a ticket
  • Wait until the utilities company has marked the site. The markings could be paint, flags, or stakes
  • Know the color code used to label what type of utility/facility
  • Hand dig two feet away from marked lines
  • Immediately notify utility company of any problems
  • Take steps to protect health and property                    

The color code is:

  • Red – electric
  • Yellow – gas, oil, steam, and dangerous materials
  • Orange – CATV communication
  • Blue – water
  • Green-sewer
  • Pink – reclaimed water
  • White – proposed excavation

 Congress passed the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA 21) in 1998.  Apart of this act required a study to be conducted; the Common Ground Study of One Call Systems and Damage Prevention Best Practices.  After a year of intense meeting across the nation with people in these fields, in July of 1999 this study was presented to the Secretary of Transportation. From this humble beginning Common Ground Alliance was established in 2000 with the motto of “Prevention is a Shared Responsibility”. 

Common Ground Alliance’s  goal is to keep communities and the environment safe. 

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Whittier Women Have "Hattitude"

by The Domis Team

Sue Ellen Cooper,the founder of the Red Hat Society, read a poem, Warning by Jenny Joseph, and then gave a red hat and a copy of this poem to her friends.  This simple act of friendship took off and has become an international social society.

The sole mission of the society is to “do whatever you wish”.  Their goal is to bond with other women while having fun.  The Red Hatter’s celebrate being a woman over 50.  This particular set of baby boomers is redefining aging for women.  The first group started in Fullerton, CA with the second group in Florida.  And by word of mouth this society began spreading across the nation and has become international.

You will be able to recognize a Red Hatter instantly. They arrive wherever they go wearing red hats and purple clothes.  Boas and elaborate red hats are signature signs of “ Hattitude”.

Hattitude has struck such a deep cord with women that younger women wanted to join.  So, until they turn 50, the Pink Hatters wear pink hats and lavender clothes and join their mothers and grandmothers in having fun.

But, for people who keep asking what they do?  They laugh, they chuckle, they giggle, they act silly, this joy of living is infectious, and you find yourself laughing right along with them.

Doctors will tell you that laughter is good for the body.  Theologians will tell you that laughter is good for the soul. All I know is laughing makes me feel good.

 Find out more about the Red Hatters at the local Whittier chapter.

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Whittier - Volunteers Needed for Angeles National Forest

by The Domis Team

In 2009, a quarter of the Angeles National Forest burned causing damage to trails, trees, plants, and animals.  The Angeles National Forest needs volunteers.  In April, Forest Service members will be assessing the conditions of the trails that need repair.  The Forest Service is estimating there will be years of work to restore the forest and trails. So far this year, there have been 3 classes to prepare volunteers to enter the Station Fire Zone to help restore the damaged trails. There are 11,469 acres of land that the Forest Service believes will need help in replanting 3.4 million trees.  Especially in the areas that are so damaged that trees are not expected to grow back on their own. The first planting of seedlings will be the spring of 2011, with the remaining seedlings being planted in the springs of 2012 and 2013. 

The Forest Service will be relying on volunteers and partnering with nonprofit groups; such as Girl and Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts, and the Sierra Club. Many volunteers, have at one time or another, enjoyed the  forest. Some go to enjoy the views, some teach about the local ecosystem, and others enjoy climbing  the next mountain. Whatever the reason, they fill the need to give back to the forest. 

If you are interested in volunteering you can the Forest Service can put you in touch with groups that are filling the need of Angeles National Forest.  An application can be filled out on the Forest Service Website

Here are other groups that you can contact for volunteer opportunities.

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LaHabra: Here’s Some Good Advice From the Good Old Days

by The Domis Team

I recently read an article, "17 Ways Consumers Are Changing" by Rick Newman, Chief Business Correspondent of U.S. News and World Report Money website. I thought his perspective was worth taking a look at.

Mr. Newman’s sees some of the changes as:

  • Less credit, more cash
  • More suspicious
  • More resourceful
  • Less brand loyalty
  • Smaller is bigger
  • Less window shopping
  • De-Cluttering
  • Food frugality
  • More gardening
  • Less waste
  • Less healthcare
  • More negotiating
  • More volunteering
  • Redefining success

Just think this is how our grandparents and great-grandparents lived. They lived within their means and took pride in the fact they paid their debts. They “willed” their treasured possessions to family members. Everyone has something that was left to them from a parent, grandparent, or some family member that meant a great deal to them and now to you. 

For years I have heard how America’s families are in trouble and what do we do about it, the rest of the world was saying America was out of touch with reality, even Americans were sending e-mails about how good the good old days were, and writing songs about the good old days.

“What was good about the good old days”, you ask?

Many things were not good about the good old days but, there were other things that will always stand up to the test of time. Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and even our great-great-grandparents had strong work ethics, did not expect hand outs but, were willing to give a hand to help, close knit family ties, participated in their community, understood  the rhythm of nature, and I think knew what freedom really means in every sense of the word. 

So the changes Mr. Newman wrote about aren’t really new – just recycled into a new generation.

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Follow These Nine Steps to Buy Your Whittier / LaHabra Home

by The Domis Team

Intimidated by the buying process, don’t be. Hire a good Realtor, and follow these HUD guidelines  for buying a home.  

These nine steps are a great guideline to use in making your Whittier home buying experience less confusing:

  • How much can you afford - That answer depends on your annual income, debt ratio, and credit rating from the three credit bureaus the down payment, and the current interest rates.
  • Know your rights under the law - Research and learn about the laws that protect the buyers and sellers such as Fair Housing, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), the rights of a borrower, and most importantly predatory lending.
  • Shop around for loans - Don't be shy about comparative shopping for a loan with an interest rate that helps your pocketbook.  After all you will have this loan for 15 to 30 years.
  • Research for home buying programs - The federal and state governments offer home buying programs with sales discounts and low interest rates to encourage buyers to seek homeownership.
  • Search for a home - Make a dream list of features you want in your home and community.  HUD encourages buyers to select a Realtor to help in finding their dream home/community that matches their income. 
  • Place an offer - Negotiate - this is where your Realtor’s  expertise will be most beneficial.  Put it in writing but, if the seller accepts your offer within a few days it will become a contract.
  • Have a home inspection done - HUD suggests your offer be "contingent on a home inspection". Have a list of questions to ask the home inspector, i.e.; cost, length of time, etc.
  • Homeowners insurance - Don't assume all homeowners insurance is the same.  Shop around and compare prices for what is being offered in the policy. 
  • Sign papers and move in to your new home - Yeah! You've made it to the best part of buying a home.

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Whittier, What Do You Think Is The Biggest Trend in Crafting?

by The Domis Team

According to the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA), the two biggest trends in Crafting are re-purposing and sewing.  Both of these ideas are not new but, seem to get a re-birth when the economy takes a down turn.  The purpose of re-purposing is to take something that is old, things that are no longer used but still good, and create a new reason for them.  Re-purposing is not only fun and creative, but it helps to leave a smaller carbon footprint.  We love that idea.

March is National Craft Month.  And Whittier, the CHA has challenged you to pledge to spend one night a week reconnecting with family and friends over a craft project. “….you will enjoy a sense of accomplishment , memory keeping, and relaxation.”

Crafting  gives each generation a chance to add their sense of style to the current trend, save money, and rediscover the joy of crafting. Whether you put crafting to use in developing your own sense of style in your clothes, for a charitable organization, or your home, re-purposing and sewing is a productive creative outlet. 

Of course, real estate is the perfect place to put your crafting skills to good use.  The whole family can put their crafting abilities  into repairing and updating houses. 

Ask me about "fixer uppers" that need a crafter's TLC.

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Don't Forget the Rule: First Impressions are the Most Important

by The Domis Team

It's a buyer's market right now. If you want the buyer to consider your home, make sure your house is in pristine condition. And, don't forget the lawn. However, keeping a lawn in good condition can be difficult. The climate and animals add to the difficulty of lawn maintenance but there are ways to get around both issues. The California climate can make irrigation necessary. If you're conserving water and you don’t mind a dry, brown looking lawn that is one thing, but, if you're trying to sell your property you will need to water your lawn. Make no mistake, curb appeal is important.

Dogs are another culprit for lawn damage. The ammonia in a dog’s urine tends to burn grass. If dealt with immediately by saturating the urine spots with water, the ammonia is diluted and less likely to cause the spots. For spots that already exist there are a variety of products available to revive the grass and make it green. There are also grasses that are heartier and more resistant to burning from the ammonia in the urine.

Short of rolling out beautiful, fresh sod, there are several economical alternatives to greening  your lawn and making that all important great first impression. Check out this article for more tips on improving curb appeal.

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The secret of a great community is the quality of the civic and charitable organizations that give of their time and money to improve the lives of others. The National Charity League (NCL) is just such an organization.  The mission of the NCL is to “foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences”.  The goal of the WLC is to nurture the daughters by emphasizing  leadership training, the arts, and education. And to give back to the community through philanthropy.

One of their 155 chapters is in Whittier.   Each chapter determines the needs in their respective community and then decides where they will put their support.  The support is given by donating time, leadership skills and some fundraising.

Some areas of the community that benefit from the WLC involvement area:

  • Disadvantaged children
  • Convalescent hospitals
  • Thrift shops
  • Individuals with special needs
  • Senior citizens centers
  • Soup kitchens
  • Library Aide programs
  • Scholarship awards

The daughters, known as Ticktockers, and mothers, known as Patronesses, are required to commit a certain amount of time to philanthropic work in addition to other chapter work. The commitment to the philosophy of the NCL empowers women to grow and succeed in their communities and in life.

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