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A Population Snapshot of La Habra

by The Domis Team

All the buzz around the 2010 Census, got me wondering just what does the population of La Habra look like.

Here are a few pertinent La Habra demographics pulled primarily from the 2000 Census:

  • As of 2008, the population number was estimated at 62,000.
  • 14% of the population is over 60 years old.
  • The median age is 31

The Racial and Ethnic Population breaks into:

  • 41.4% White
  • 49% Hispanic
  • 6% Asian & Pacific Islander
  • 1.4 % Black
  • 2.2% All Other

Voter Registration:

  • Democratic 10,034
  • Republican 11,383
  • Independent 616
  • Green106
  • Libertarian 143


  • Occupied Housing Units 19,042
  • Owner Occupied Housing Unites 10,815
  • Renter Occupied 8,227
  • Household Size 3.19 persons per household


  • Median Household Income $47, 652
  • Per Capita Income $18,923
  • Below Poverty Level 12.9%

The above information is a snapshot of La Habra ten years ago. It is now time for the entire country to participate in the decennial census of 2010. It will be very interesting to see what changes have occurred. You may ask, why do we care what the population specifics are, and does it really matter if the population is more or less now than it was ten year ago.  Yes it is very important and critical to some communities.  The Census data will determine the number of members that each state will have in the House of Representatives. And how much of the more than $400 billion dollars of federal funding our community will receive to spend on infrastructure and services such as hospitals, senior centers, schools and emergency services. 

Ten years ago the senior population of La Habra was 14% of the population, what if that has drastically increased. Federal funds will help provide more hospitals, senior centers and services.

Don't forget to complete your 2010 Census form that will arrive sometime in March.

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Are you a senior citizen in need of extra money for remodeling your home, buying a new car, or even purchasing additional real estate? After all it is a buyer’s market and there are some fabulous buys available. If so, a Reverse Mortgage may be just what you need.

What is a a reverse mortage? A reverse mortgage is a loan available to seniors, and is used to release the home equity in the property as one lump sum or multiple payments. The homeowner's obligation to repay the loan is deferred until the owner dies, the home is sold, or the owner moves. If you’re a senior (over 62) and a reverse mortgage makes sense for your circumstances, here are the fundamentals of what you need to know:

  • To qualify a borrower must be 62 years of age or older.
  • The borrower must live in the property as the primary residence.
  • There are no minimum income, asset or credit requirements.
  • There are no monthly payments required for as long as the borrowers occupy the residence as their    primary residence.
  • The funds can be taken as a lump sum, monthly payments, line of credit or a combination.
  • There are no restrictions on how the funds are used.
  • Loan proceeds are not considered income and will not affect Medicare or Social Security benefits.
  • There are no prepayment penalties.
  • Heirs may keep the home by paying off the balance on the reverse mortgage loan.
  • All applicants are required by federal regulation to seek 3rd party financial counseling by an approved Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) organization.

For more information on Reverse Mortgages visit 

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Check it out - Eight New Restaurants in Uptown Whittier

by The Domis Team

Not only has the real estate business been hit hard in this economy, the restaurant business has as well. Even in a good economy it is risky business to open a new restaurant.  In spite of this, in the past year and a half, eight new restaurants opened in Uptown Whittier centered around Greenleaf and Philadelphia Street.

Alan's Take Out
Fenix 5-4
Golden Ox
The Bottle Room
Spin Lounge
Vintage Cafe
Zi Teresa

Eight restaurateurs decided it was the right time and that Uptown presented the right opportunity, namely, ambience, favorable rents and acceptance from residents and city officials.  Just last year, city officials were taking a more hardnosed approach to local businesses and particularly restaurants. Traditionally, Uptown restaurants closed early and were more focused on family friendly establishments. The poor economy and empty store fronts encouraged a change in how restaurants are allowed to operate in Uptown.  Uptown citizens want restaurants that offer the same quality found in nearby Pasadena and Monrovia. They want good food, entertainment, later hours and restaurants that serve alcohol. City Officials realize ultimately this will increase revenue. And, despite some setbacks they are trying to work with the business community.

Follow our blog during the coming year as we check in on these 8 restaurants.

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City of LaHabra Offering Sandbags for Residents

by The Domis Team

The rain keeps coming down and your home may be in harm's way.

We wanted to let you know that the city of LaHabra is making Sand Bags Available at City Yard, Fire Station located at Fire Station #192 at 520 Harbor Blvd. Sand bags may limited due to the high demand.

For those residents in need of sand bags, please visit the City Yard during regular business hours.  After hours, residents may pick up sand bags at Fire Station #192 at 520 Harbor Blvd.  Sand bags are only available to La Habra residents and businesses, and the bags must be self-filled.  Due to the high demand, there may be a limit on the number of bags available for each resident or business.

Please help your neighbors too! This is a time where it is not just about you, but coming together as a community to help those who may not be able to do it themselves.

Should I Buy a Home Now?

by The Domis Team

I'm often asked if this is a good time to buy a home. Some clients are concerned that home prices may fall further than they have already. They are assuming that the best course of action is to wait for the bottom in the market and then buy. The problem with this approach is that you don't know where the bottom is until you see it in the rear view mirror, meaning until you've missed it!

Home prices are one factor in determining your cost of ownership, but so are interest rates and financing availability. Even though interest rates have gone up in the last six months, they are still near historic lows. Since your monthly mortgage payment is a combination of paying down your principal and paying the interest owed, if home prices come down a little further but interest rates up, it could cost you even more to service a mortgage on an identical home!

While a home is a major investment, it is also the center of your personal life. It's important to live in a home that reflects your taste and values, yet is within your financial "comfort zone." To that end, it may be more important to lock in today's relatively low interest rates and low home prices, rather than to hope for a further break in prices in the future.

Please give me a call if I can be of any assistance in determining how much home you can afford in today's market.

Displaying blog entries 261-265 of 265




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