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Enjoy A Great Return On Your Home's Investment With Landscaping!

by The Domis Team

Looking for an easy way to increase your home's value? Look no further than outside! Landscaping is one of the most valuable home improvements you can make. It can even raise your property value by at least 5 to 11 percent! Enjoy a great return on investment on your Whittier Area home by updating your landscaping before the spring!


Be smart with your design! Your landscaping should match your home's style. Think about the architectural style of your home. The landscape should blend in. Cottage or country style landscaping goes great with old fashioned architecture while clean lines and natural looking landscaping is perfect for modern, industrial architecture.


Always have a strategy! Great landscaping requires a great plan. Map out your landscaping first. This will allow you to make sure there is a good balance throughout your entire yard. A good rule of thumb is to add good foundation plantings and a few points of interest throughout the yard. Make sure that there is a wide variety in your plantings while still maintaining some uniformity.


Make it interesting all year round! You want your yard to look great no matter the time of year. Although we do not experience all the seasonal changes in southern California, you should still think about the seasons. This will ensure balance and interest throughout the year.


Keep it shady! Trees are a great asset for your home. People are more attracted to properties with trees. They can help keep your and your home cool during those hot California days that are right around the corner. As an added bonus, they help the environment and add visual interest to your yard.


Have edging on your lawn! Your yard should always look well maintained. An easy way to ensure that is through edging around your flower beds, walkways, and driveways. They will keep weeds away and show you take pride in the upkeep of your home.


For more landscaping and home owner tips, visit our Website and follow-us on our Facebook page.


Add Beauty and Up your Curb Appeal with these beautiful Plants!

by The Domis Team

Make your Whittier Area pop this spring by adding some beautiful plants to your yard. These plants will add beauty to your curb appeal and help it stand apart from the competition in the market.


Carissa Holly

This plant grows 3 to 4 feet in height and 4 to 6 feet in width. It is perfect for small, compact areas. Enjoy the white blossoms in the spring and the glossy, green leaves all year round. This hardy, drought resistant plant is low maintenance, needing only a weekly watering and mulch.


This plant grows 10 to 48 inches in height and 12 to 24 inches in width. Add some beautiful color around your house with this hardy, drought tolerant plant. This plant loves hot weather and thrives in well-drained soil. Extend the purple-blue blossoms into the summer time by deadheading the blooms when needed.


Encore Azalea

This plant grows 3 to 5 feet in height and 3 to 5 feet in width. Unlike other azaleas, the Encore can be placed in bright, sunny spots. This plant offers two blooms, the first in spring and the second in late summer/early fall. It comes in a variety of colors and thrives in slightly acidic soil.


Harland Dwarf Boxwood

This plant grows 4 to 6 feet in height and 4 to 6 feet in width. Add some lovely evergreen color to your landscape. It's miniature tree shape makes it a great plant to add variety around your foundation. It does well in the sun or partial shade and moist soil. It requires little pruning and is quite disease resistant.


Heavenly Bamboo

This plant grows 4 to 5 feet in height and 3 feet in width.

This lovely plant offers color and texture to your yard year round. Its bright berries offers food for birds and provides a great accent around the foundation. It grows best in full sunlight but can survive in partial shade. This plant requires pruning in the spring.




This plant grows 3 to 5 feet in height and 3 to 5 feet in width. Place this plant front and center for its beautiful, fragrant blossoms and thick foliage.


Knockout Rose

This plant grows 4 feet in height and 3 feet in width.

With blooms throughout the seasons, your home will look great all year round thanks to this lovely plant. This rose cousin is easy to care for and quite disease resistant.


Laurel 'Otto Luyken'

This plant grows 3 feet in height and 6 feet in width. This lovely leafy plant looks great year round. It blossoms spiky white flowers in the spring and small black fruit in the summer. It requires weekly watering and extra care during its initial growing season.



This plant grows 3 to 10 feet in height and 3 to 6 feet in width. This woody plant can add a great focal point for your garden. It can be planted in partial sun and is ideal for placing in front of tall foundation walls or around porches.


Check out our other Home Selling Tips! Give The Domis Team a call today or visit our website at for all your real estate needs.

Front Door Styling for Excellent Curb Appeal!

by The Domis Team












Are you planning to enter the summer housing market?  Make sure the first impression of your home is the best it can be!  It all starts with curb appeal.

Curb Appeal applies to many exterior areas of your home;

  • Manicured Yard
  • Landscape that pops with color
  • Exterior condition of your home
  • Sparkling Windows
  • and the newest trend in housing...Front Door Styling!

What do we mean by front door styling?  Simply making your exterior porch, door and entryway a focal point for potential home buyers!

What can you do?  

  1. Start with a great front door in a pop of color that complements the rest of your homes exterior.
  2. Be creative with the numbers for your address!
  3. Add large and bold exterior lights.
  4. Make a comfy but clean seating area on the porch.
  5. Add well placed planted pots and accents to accentuate your home.

Need more ideas for curb appeal of your home?  Contact the Domis Team for a personal consultation.

Don't Forget the Rule: First Impressions are the Most Important

by The Domis Team

It's a buyer's market right now. If you want the buyer to consider your home, make sure your house is in pristine condition. And, don't forget the lawn. However, keeping a lawn in good condition can be difficult. The climate and animals add to the difficulty of lawn maintenance but there are ways to get around both issues. The California climate can make irrigation necessary. If you're conserving water and you don’t mind a dry, brown looking lawn that is one thing, but, if you're trying to sell your property you will need to water your lawn. Make no mistake, curb appeal is important.

Dogs are another culprit for lawn damage. The ammonia in a dog’s urine tends to burn grass. If dealt with immediately by saturating the urine spots with water, the ammonia is diluted and less likely to cause the spots. For spots that already exist there are a variety of products available to revive the grass and make it green. There are also grasses that are heartier and more resistant to burning from the ammonia in the urine.

Short of rolling out beautiful, fresh sod, there are several economical alternatives to greening  your lawn and making that all important great first impression. Check out this article for more tips on improving curb appeal.

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