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List Your Home This April!

by The Domis Team

If you are planning on selling your Whittier Area home, the time to list is right now! That's right! April is the best month to list your home!


Just check out this data collected by the team over at Realtor.Com!

  • On average, homes sell 9% or 6 days faster at the beginning of April than other times of the year.
  • Homes are viewed 14% more online.
  • There is 5% less competition from other sellers.
  • Home prices are 6% higher -- that's around $17,000 more on average!
  • Price reductions are 1% less likely.


April truly came in at the top for the best time to list your home throughout the year:



​​Those findings are incredible! Get your home on the market before it becomes flooded with competition! Buyers are eager to take advantage of the current low interest rates (below 4.5%) and get settled into their new home before the start of summer! You can sell your Whittier Area home for top price and less time by listing today!


Give The Domis Team a call today or visit our website at to get started!

Score A Great Deal On Your Dream Home!

by The Domis Team

Buying a home is a major financial step and like anything we buy we want a great deal on it. Although a home is listed with an asking price, buyers do not always have to offer more to secure the home. In some cases, you might be able to offer a lower price and score a fantastic deal! If you are looking to buy a home in the Whittier Area, check for these five signs that you could get your dream home for under listing price!


1. The Seller is Anxious

There are some homeowners out there that anxious to sell their homes quickly. Maybe they are moving away quickly for a new job or can no longer afford the home. It is possible to find out the motivation behind selling the home. Once you and your realtor can identify the needs of the seller, you can negotiate a offer that will allow the seller to quickly close on the home.


2. The House is Overpriced

In some cases, a home owners love for their house can cause them to overprice it. When a home is overpriced, it often sits on the market for long periods of time. Talk to your realtor about comps in the neighborhood. If you find one with an inflated price in the market, you will likely be able to negotiate a lower price.

3. You Aren't Picky

While most buyers want to find their dream home, there are some that are willing to compromise on their wants list or have plans to make renovations once you move in. If you are more concerned about getting a great deal than on the home itself, offering a low price is a good option for you.


4. The Home is On and Off the Market

Sometimes homes go on and off the market several times. This becomes a tedious process for the seller and they are often motivated to accept an offer that will certainly be completed. If your agent and you find one of these homes, consider offering a low price.


5. The Home is Outdated

You found a home with out of date style. The homeowner might be having a difficult time selling since many buyers want a move in ready home. If they haven't been getting many offers, they will be more willing to accept a lower price since you will have to put work into the home upon buying.


Check out our Homes for Sale in the Whittier area. Work with The Domis Team to see if one of these situations will work in your favor to get a great deal on your future home. Give us a call today or visit our website at

Questions To Help Your Find Your Dream Neighborhood!

by The Domis Team

Choosing the right neighborhood is just as important as the house itself when buying your dream home. You want to find the perfect neighborhood that will fit your current needs as well as those into the future. There are so many desirable neighborhoods to choose from in the Whittier Area that it can be hard to know where to begin your search. Ask yourself the following questions to help you choose the perfect neighborhood for you and your family!


  1. Property Value Questions

  • What are the neighborhood's comps?
  • What is the area's projected growth into the future?
  1. Property Taxes Questions

  • How much are property taxes in the area?
  1. Safety and Crime Questions

  • What is the neighborhood's crime rate? Also, what are the crime rates for the neighborhoods directly adjacent?
  • What level of crime do I feel comfortable dealing with for myself and my family?
  1. School Zones

  • How are the schools in the neighborhood rated?
  • What community centers and parks are in the area?
  1. Topography and Geography

  • Are there geographical features that will add value to the home?
  • Are there special insurance needs in the area for potential natural disasters that I need to be aware of?

Use these questions as guidelines to help narrow in on your perfect neighborhood. If you have questions about particular neighborhoods in our area or are ready to Buy, give The Domis Team a call today or visit our website at


2019 Housing Market Predictions!

by The Domis Team

The New Year offers new possibilities for the real estate market. Although it is impossible to know exactly what will happen with housing in 2019, there are some trends that have been forecasted. The data team at® has come up with their predictions for next year. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Whittier area in 2019, keep these trends in mind as you enter the market!


1. Slight Increases in Inventory

Inventory has finally been on the rise during the last quarter of this year. For next year, it is expected to stay at less than 7% nationwide. There should be some increases in homes being put on the market and/or new construction. Expect to see larger increases in inventory of upscale homes in the high-end market.


2. Soft Home Sales

Home sales are expected to decline 7%. This is largely due to the market challenges that make it difficult for first time home buyers to afford it.


3. Millennials Will Account For The Majority of Buyers

Millennials will retain their majority as home buyers in 2019, making up 45% of the mortgages. While first time buyers in this generation might still struggle to make the plunge for buying, older millennials who already own will likely move-up to a higher priced home this year.


4. Unknown Effect of Tax Plan

It is still unknown how the new Tax Plan will affect homeownership in 2019. Renters should see higher deductions on the tax bills which may incentivize waiting to buy while it will be a mixed bag for home owners on what they can and cannot deduct from their taxes in April. Although it is unknown exactly how the bill will affect the market during 2019, it is an important consideration for all buyers and sellers to keep in mind throughout the year.


As 2019 progresses, The Domis Team will be there to help you navigate the market and keep you up to date on the year's real estate trends. Give us a call at (562) 884-5373 or visit our website at

Reasons To Sell This Holiday Season!

by The Domis Team

The holidays are right around the corner. As you tie bows around your presents, the last thing on your mind is probably selling your home. However, fight the urge to take it off of the market! In fact, now is a great time to sell your Whittier Area home! Here are the top reasons why you should sell this holiday season!


1. Top Listing!

Other homeowners will take their homes off the market during the holiday season because they don't want to deal with the stress of it. With less competition, your home will move to the top of the listings. This means that buyers that are actively searching are more likely to find your property during this time of year!

2. Time To Strategize!

If your home has been on the market for a while with no results, you might be feeling like now is the time for a break. But, instead of taking your home off the market, you should take this period to look at your selling strategy. That might mean adjusting our home's listing price or making small improvements that will make the home more desirable!

3. Faster Lending!

Lenders are also experiencing a slower period during the holiday season. Before the home market amps up in the spring, buyers can get loans processed and approved faster in December. What does this mean for you the seller? The closing process will move along much quicker!

4. Families Looking To Settle!

Buyers with children use the winter break from school to find a new home. They want to be settled in before school resumes in January. This means that they are highly motivated to find a property as quickly as possible during this month.

5. Other Buyers Are Serious!

Along with families, other buyers that are actively looking for homes during this time are serious are buying. They want to find the perfect home and move in as quickly as possible. You can rest assured that any buyers that view your home during this time aren't just casually looking. This puts the negotiating power into your hands!

6. Staging Is Done For You!

The festive ambiance in your home during the holiday season creates a homey feel for buyers that view it. The beautiful decor and smell of homebaked goods will help make your home all the more appealing to them and help take care of many of the staging strategies for you! Just be smart with your decor! You don't want it to distract from the features of your home and it should also be simple enough to allow buyers to envision themselves within the home.


Ready to Sell Your Whittier Home This Holiday Season? Give The Domis Team a call today or visit our website at

Information Source:®

How To Find the Perfect Whittier Area School During Your Home Search!

by The Domis Team

Ready to buy your dream home in the Whittier Area? Although there are many factors to consider, if you have children, excellent local schools should be at the top of your list. In order to find the perfect educational fit for your child, you will need to do some school work on your own. You want to make sure you set your child up for success by moving within the boundaries of a top ranked school. Here are several questions to ask yourself and the schools themselves in order to narrow it down your search:


  • What structure does your child prefer? Creative or Structured?
  • What kind of teachers does your child respond to?
  • Do you want to be an active part of the educational community?
  • Does the school have buses that service nearby neighborhoods?
  • What extracurricular activities are offered?
  • Are the class sizes large or small? What is the student to teacher ratio?
  • Are the classrooms and library well stocked?
  • What do other families think about the school?
  • What are the school's test scores and graduation rates?
  • How do unbiased websites like,, and U.S. News & World Report rank the school?


Take some of the guess work out of your search for the perfect school by starting to look within

these excellent local school districts.

Anaheim Union High School District | Homes for Sale

Downey Unified School District | Homes for Sale

East Whittier City School District | Homes for Sale

Fullerton Joint Union High School District | Homes for Sale

Hacienda La Puente Unified School District | Homes for Sale

Lowell Joint School District | Homes for Sale

Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District | Homes for Sale

Orange Unified School District | Homes for Sale

Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District | Homes for Sale

Whittier Union High School District | Homes for Sale

Once you have found the perfect school, let The Domis Team help you find your dream home nearby! Give us a call today or visit our website at


Save Money on Your Monthly Payments By Buying in 2018!

by The Domis Team

Save money on your monthly payments by locking in a lower interest rate before the end of 2018!


Higher interest rates mean greater payments on your mortgage every month and with the rates predicted for 2019 that could be a significant chunk of change. Keep more money in your pocket by understanding where interest rates are headed in the new year. Check out this chart that shows the actual rates from the current year and where they are projected to increase throughout 2019.



Although a 0.1% increase might not seem significant, it can increase your monthly payments depending on the amount of your loan. And, with housing prices also predicted to rise, it will likely cause a dramatic increase. The latest Home Price Index from CoreLogic shows a 6.2% appreciation in national home prices from 2017 to 2018 and predicts are 5.1% increase from 2018 to 2019. If these home price and interest rate predictions come true, you will be paying a lot more on your new home then you would if you bought today.


Ready to BUY your dream home in the Whittier area? Work with the very best! Give The Domis Team a call today or visit our website at!   

Cool off this Summer in Beautiful La Mirada!

by The Domis Team

Stay cool during the California summer at Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center!  Located at 13806 La Mirada Boulevard in the beautiful community of La Mirada, California, this incredible community facility offers 18 acres of water fun! It features a 25 meter pool and 50 meter pool that are open year round. During the summer, Buccaneer Bay opens up, offering water slides, play areas, lazy river, and so much more. The facility offers open swim times and swimming lessons. Beyond enjoying the regular aquatic activities at Splash! check out the fun special events that are being offered all summer long that your whole family will enjoy!


Have fun with other La Mirada families during Family Friday Nights at Buccaneer Bay! These special evenings are held on Friday evenings now through August 10th. The park will be open from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. General admission is $16.95 and is FREE for season pass holders.


Catch a flick during Swim-In-Movie Nights! On Sunday nights from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, you and your family can watch one of your favorite films while floating in the pool or lounging on the deck! Admission is $9 to watch in the pool and $6 to watch on the deck. Season pass holders will receive free popcorn during these events. Mark your calendars for these upcoming films:

July 22nd | Coco

August 12th | Ninjago

September 2nd | Moana


Sleep at the pool for Splash! Camp! Set up your tent and enjoy the night at Buccaneer Bay with your family and friends on Friday, August 10th, through Saturday, August 11th. Dinner and breakfast will be served. General admission is $36 (over 48”) and juniors/seniors admission is $29 (under 48”/ages 60+). Season pass holders receive $5 off these prices.

Splash! is just one of the incredible community facilities that make La Mirada such a great place for families! Interested in Buying your dream home in this family friendly city? Give The Domis Team a call today or visit our website at so we can help make your dreams a reality!  


Image Credit: Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center

Whittier Birthday Celebration!

by The Domis Team

Happy 130th Birthday to the beautiful city of​ Whittier! Celebrate the birthday of your favorite community during Whittier's Founders Day!!!


Head to Central Park this Saturday, May 12th, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm for this fabulous, FREE event. This day will honor the past, present, and future of Whittier. Check out a variety of booths operated by local non-profits, businesses, cultural institutions, and vendors. Dine on delicious food during the community picnic. Participate in the mustache and beard competition. Marvel at the antique cars. Enjoy fantastic live music to dance the day away. This is one community event you do not want to miss!


Located only 12 miles southeast from Los Angeles, the city of Whittier provides access to all that the greater metropolitan area has to offer while providing a peaceful respite from the busy city life. With a thriving arts scene, unique local businesses, excellent schools, and beautiful recreational facilities, Whittier is a great place to call home.


Come live in this historic city! Stop renting and start BUYING! Check out the Whittier Homes for Sale if you are ready to BUY! Give the Domis Team a call today at 562-884-5373 or visit our website at


Buy or Rent? The answer is....Buy!

by The Domis Team

Maybe it's a question you have been asking yourself for a while.....should I buy my first home or keep on renting? While we understand the hesitation, we have an answer for you once and for should Buy!


When it all comes down to it, the major reasons to buy as opposed to rent are all financial. This may seem counterintuitive since buying a home is a major financial decision. While at the outset, buying a home might seem like an insurmountable cost but over the long term, it actually saves you money and makes sound financial sense.


To start, think of renting as paying off someone else's mortgage. Why help someone else make money when you could invest that same amount in yourself?! And on top of that, buying has been shown to be Cheaper than renting. Nationwide, renters spend 28.9% of their income on median rent while home owners spend 15.7% of their income on median housing costs (Zillow Research)! Buying allows you to have Stable Housing Costs since you know exactly what your mortgage payments are every month, unlike renting where it changes every time you move. Owning a home opens you up to Tax Savings that renters are not eligible for. It also can be seen as a form of Forced Savings that allows you to keep more money in your pocket. The net worth of home owners is 44x greater than renters (Federal Reserve). Finally, owning a home is an incredible Investment and one that you utilize every single day. With home values expected to appreciate 3.35% per year and 24.34% cumulatively over the next five years (Federal Reserve), you will be building equity from the moment you close on your new home.


Today is the day! Stop renting and start BUYING! Let the Domis Team guide you through the process and get you into your first home today! Check out the Homes for Sale throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area to get started! Give our experienced team a call today at 562-884-5373 or visit our website at

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