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What To Expect During The Home Inspection!

by The Domis Team

Congrats! You found your dream home in the Whittier Area! Now that you have found it, you are ready to head towards finalizing the deal. However, before you start packing those moving boxes, you need to have one unbiased last look at your potential new home with a Home Inspector! Home inspections are a vital part of the buying process. They help protect you, the buyer, by allowing you to discover any structural or mechanical issues with the home before you purchase. Once the home inspection is completed, you can determine whether or not you want to move forward with the deal and potentially renegotiate based on what is discovered. Do not know what to expect during the home inspection? Here is everything you need to know about the home inspection process.


Before the Inspection

Finding the best home inspector for the job is your first step. Be sure to interview several different candidates in order to find out their areas of expertise. Help make a selection by seeing their past inspection reports. You want to see detailed reports that offer recommendations for found issues. Not sure where to begin in your search? Contact us so we can provide you with a list of great home inspectors in our area!

During the Inspection

Your home inspector will go to the property and spend several hours examining it. They will look at all of the structural, mechanical, and electrical elements of the home. We recommend that you should go along with the home inspector. This allows you to find out about the issues as they are discovered and ask any questions you might have. Although home inspections help discover most issues, realize that there are still some issues that a home inspector simply is not qualified to recognize. Make sure you leave some room in your budget for a new home to handle any potential costs that might yet be discovered.


After the Inspection.

Review Go over the home inspection report carefully. Talk to your realtor about what was discovered and how it impacts the deal. They can help you determine how best to renegotiate or whether or not it makes more sense to walk away and find a different property on the market.


Check out our other Home Buying Tips! Give The Domis Team a call today or visit my website at so that we can help you find your dream home in Southern California today.

Watch Out for These Warning Signs When Buying A New Home!

by The Domis Team

Ready to Buy your dream Whittier Area home? Although you might have found a home that fits all of your needs on the surface, it is important to be a smart consumer and really inspect the bones of the home. A home inspector will help protect you by uncovering some underlying structural issues, but it is always helpful to know what to look out for yourself in order to make sure that the home is truly all that it seems. Look for these 7 warning signs that there could be issues with the home.



1. Bad Electrical - Electrical issues are important to look out for due to the fire hazard they pose. Be sure to check all outlets by touch and sight. Also, look for any exposed wires and flickering lights.

2. Bad Plumbing - Although the initial warning signs might not seem like a big deal, any potential water damage they could cause could wreak havoc on your new home. Check for leaks, drainage issues, low water pressure, and water stains.

3. Mold - Going hand in hand with the previous issue, you need to be on the look out for mold. Mold in the house poses a health risk to you and your family. Use your eyes and nose. Check for peeling paint, visible mold, rotted wood, and a musty smell.

4. Bad Repairs - If the home has clearly had some repairs or renovations done, try to examine the workmanship. If the materials seem cheap, tasks are incomplete, or anything seems done in an amateur fashion, it could be indicative that the repairs/renovations were not handled with the greatest care and will need to be redone on your dime.

5. Pests - No one wants pests to share their home with them. Be on the look out for damaged wood that could indicate termites or carpenter ants in the structure. Check for areas where mice and other rodents could easily enter the house.

6. Damaged Roof - While you can't climb up on the roof to make sure you won't be surprised by any future leaks, you can check for signs that the roof is damaged. Look to see how wear and tear has been dealt with. You want to see if there are any damaged and missing shingles.

7. Foundation Issues - The foundation keeps your home standing. Any potential foundation issues can be an incredibly expensive project to fix. Look inside the home for crooked floors and doors that have large gaps around them. Go outside of the home and check for trees close to the home that could have large roots as well as any cracks in the walls, driveway, and pathways.



Looking out for these warning signs can help you insure that the home your have fallen in love with is a smart purchase. The Domis Team is here to help you find and inspect the home you want to buy this fall. Give our team a call today or visit our website at

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