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10 Tips for Selling Your Whittier Home This Fall

by The Domis Team

As we get into the fall season here in Whittier, we begin to see the Whittier Real Estate market slow down a bit from the frenzied pace of the spring and summer months.  This happens across the country due to busy fall schedules, the start of a new school year and the holidays which are just around the corner.


Yet, the slower pace doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump into the Whittier Real Estate market if you’re hoping to buy or sell a home this fall!  Having a Whittier Real Estate agent by your side throughout the process can ensure every details is looked after and you find success in buying or selling a home.


In working in the Whittier Real Estate market for a number of years, we wanted to highlight some of the ways you can enhance your home and boost your selling power if you’re considering selling this fall.  Below are ten tips you won’t want to miss!


1. Focus on curb appeal- Because the lush greens of the summer won’t last throughout the fall, you’ll need to do your part to keep your home looking its best starting with the exterior. Start by sprucing up your lawn, patch up any brown spots in the grass and add touches of warmth near your front door with potted plants for a welcoming environment.


2. Appeal to the senses- As the weather cools slightly, make sure your home is at a comfortable temperate, and create a welcoming space where buyers will want to stick around. If you encourage them to stay awhile during showings, you give them more time to admire your home's best features.


3. Flaunt your fireplace- A warm, inviting fireplace is a great selling point as the weather gets cooler. Highlight this fall-friendly feature by arranging your furniture to make your fireplace a focal point. Place a mirror, artwork, vases or other tasteful decor on top of the mantel to make it even more prominent.


4. Update your listing photos- If your Whittier home was listed last winter or spring, talk with your Whittier Real Estate agent about updating your home’s marketing with brand new shots. Pictures from the previous season make your listing seem dated.


5. Think like a buyer- Fall house hunters are looking for great deals on Whittier homes, so be prepared for lowball offers and possible non-serious buyers. Manage your expectations and negotiate accordingly, depending on your motivation.


6. Hire a reliable real estate professional- As if selling your home isn't stressful enough, you're probably thinking ahead for the holidays or helping the kids ease into a new school year. During this hectic season, you definitely want a great Whittier Real Estate agent to take some of the pressure of selling your home off your shoulders. If you are still searching for an agent; We’d love to help you sell your Whittier home!


7. Price it right- If you want to grab the attention of buyers in this competitive market, you need to price your home correctly from the start - possibly slightly lower than comparable homes in your neighborhood. Setting your listing price just right could lead to a bidding war, resulting in a higher sales price for you. Work with your Whittier Real Estate agent to price your home correctly.


8. Watch your timing- Put your Whittier home on the market well in advance of looking for a new home. And don't place an offer on your next home until you have solid offers on the one you have to sell now. The last thing you want to do is juggle two mortgage payments.


9. Beware of TMI (too much information)- Buyers think most sellers these days are in dire straits, so don't do anything to add to that perceived advantage and lower your potential selling price. For instance, if you are moving from Whittier or the surrounding areas due to a job transfer, it's best not to offer up that information or at the very least, downplay the urgency. While you are obligated to disclose everything about the property's condition, you aren't obligated to disclose your personal situation.


10. Be flexible- We are currently in a buyers market in so be willing to work with buyers to help your chances of making a quick sale. Offer to pay for closing costs or repairs, and be adaptable when it comes to showing your home and holding open houses. If you really need to sell your Whittier home, you need to accommodate buyers' busy schedules as well. This might mean opening your home on weeknights and weekends. Be flexible!


As Whittier Real Estate agents here on The Domis Team, we hope these tips encourage you to take the next step in selling your home this fall.  We would be happy to talk with you more if you have further questions or are ready to begin the home selling process!


Please contact us today to get started!

The Domis Team
Prudential California Realty
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Go Green in Your Whittier Home!

by The Domis Team

Whittier CA is a beautiful place to call home.  For those of you who’ve lived here for some time you’ve no doubt come to enjoy the beautiful setting and opportunities to get out and experience your surroundings.  If you’re new to the area, you may just be discovering the serene beauty of the surrounding parks and trails!


One of the ways residents enjoy the outdoors is through walking, running or biking along the Whittier Greenway Trail!  This trail has grown and evolved, providing a lush greenbelt for walking and bicycling from the western boundary of the City at Pioneer Boulevard near the 605 Freeway to the current eastern part of the Trail at Mills Avenue and Lambert Road, where the Oak Station is located.  It’s a beautiful way to travel through Whittier as it links schools, homes, parks, shopping areas and transit stops.  Public art and interpretive exhibits dot the pathway to enhance it’s beauty!


Whittier is committed to caring for the environment and providing ways for residents to interact with the outdoors and green living!  If you’re looking for ways to care for your community with eco-friendly living, here are a few ways to do so by starting in your own Whittier home!


1. Install a programmable thermostat. That way, if you leave your Whittier home during the day for an afternoon, you can program the thermostat to adjust while the house is empty.  This allows you to save ample energy and money on your air-conditioning bill. You can set the thermostat to return to its regular setting about an hour before you return home, so you’ll never know the difference!

2. Replace your light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. They provide just as much lighting while using less energy and lasting far longer.

3. Switch to energy efficient appliances.  When it’s time to replace a kitchen appliance, choose one with an Energy Star label on it. These appliances meet efficiency guidelines created by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environment Protection Agency. While they are more expensive initially, the amount of energy you will save makes up for it in the long run.

4. Only run your dishwasher when it’s full. This will ensure you’re only using the dishwasher when you absolutely have to.  Also, after the dishes are clean, open the dishwasher door and allow the dishes to air dry rather than using the washer’s drying cycle.

5. Switch off your electronics. Though many people have gotten use to the idea of having electronics available 24/7, you should turn off your computer and monitor when not in use. You could turn off your cell phone at night too, if not using it as an alarm clock.

6. Plug as many electronics as you safely can into a power strip, which allows you to easily turn the strip off when the items are not in use. This could include TVs, DVD players, computers, toasters and more, which all use several watts of power even when not in use.

7. Reduce water usage.  Take shorter showers and turn the water off while you wash your hands, brush your teeth, apply face wash and any other time the water is not in use.

8. Recycle!  You’ll find various recycling bins in public areas around Whittier that will allow you to recycle plastics, aluminum, paper and other materials.

Hopefully these tips will inspire you to begin an eco-friendly lifestyle right in your own home!  

As a team of Whittier Real Estate agents, we not only want to help buyers and sellers find success in the Whittier Real Estate market, but we believe in helping current residents enjoy their home and Whittier to the fullest!

If you have questions regarding buying or selling a home in Whittier, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  We’re here to help you navigate through the Whittier Real Estate market with ease!

The Domis Team
Prudential California Realty
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With Labor Day behind us, we’re anticipating a great fall season here in Whittier CA!  One of the things residents enjoy about living in Whittier is the beautiful California weather we experience year round.  For those that love the outdoors, this is a fantastic place to settle in permanently!


As Whittier Real Estate agents on The Domis Team, we always enjoy highlighting what’s happening in the areas of Whittier, La Habra or La Mirada as well as providing buyers and sellers with the tips they need to succeed.  Today, however, we wanted to shift our focus to those of you that currently live in Whittier or the surrounding areas and are looking for ways to update the home in which you live.


Because of the temperate climate, we thought it would be fun to focus on creating an outdoor living space that you, your friends and family can enjoy for years to come.  Here are five key tips you’ll want to keep in mind for beautiful and convenient outdoor living.


1. Keep it Close- Be sure to create your space close to the house.  It’s more convenient and will be easier than hiking through your backyard with drinks or food.

2. Set Realistic Goals- You may want a small pond with a beautiful fountain, but if know children or pets will be enjoying your space a lot of the time, this might not be realistic.  Maybe you love to cook and would enjoy an outdoor kitchen.  This can be a great addition, but costly at the same time.  Whatever your plans are, be sure to think through every scenario.

3. Create a Focal Point- You’ll want to create a focal point for the space.  Whether it’s an interesting piece of furniture, a firepit or water feature, this will spark conversation as well as “anchor” the space.

4. Accessorize- Bring the same warmth and detail that you would indoors to your outdoor space.  It’s best to accent with “earthy” pieces such as stone features, wooden furniture and natural colors.  Of course, you can add splashes of vibrant colors for interest, but keeping it natural will enhance the outdoor space instead of being a distraction.

5. Offer Shade- We all know that Whittier summers can get pretty hot, so you’ll want to offer shade.  Whether you choose to build a pergola or merely have a large patio umbrella, this chance to cool down will be a welcome retreat.

Tackling an outdoor living space project this fall can be a great way to add value and comfort to your home in Whittier!  We hope this tips inspire you to take your outdoor space to the next level!

As always, if you are interested in buying or selling a home in Whittier or the surrounding areas; please feel free to contact us today!  Our team of experienced Whittier Real Estate agents would be happy to help you through each step of the process!

The Domis Team
Prudential California Realty
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Avoid These 8 Mistakes When Buying Your Whittier Home!

by The Domis Team

Last week, we talked about determining your financial strategy before buying a home in Whittier.  Today, we wanted to talk about some of the common mistakes home buyers make when searching for and buying a home.  


As Whittier Real Estate agents serving on The Domis Team, we know that buying a home can be an exciting time!  If it’s your first time buying a home, it’s especially easy to get caught up in the dream of home ownership.  However, it’s important to keep your feet on the ground and take your time through the home buying process.


Now is an ideal time to buy a home in Whittier, La Habra, La Mirada or any of the surrounding areas because of the still low home prices and mortgage rates.  So, if you’re seriously considering jumping into the real estate market, you’ll want to take a few minutes to read through these eight common mistakes so you can avoid them at all costs!


1. Not getting pre-approved before house hunting- Before you start house hunting, narrow down your price range by getting pre-approved. Shop for a Whittier home lender or mortgage broker you can trust. The mortgage pro will review your credit, income, assets and debts, and recommend a mortgage with monthly payments that fit your budget. Not only does this let you know how much house you can afford, it also lets sellers know that you’re serious about buying.


2. Buying a house you can’t afford- It seems that our nation is learning its lesson in spending more than you can afford, and it’s no different in your Whittier home purchase. Just because you get approved for a larger loan than expected; doesn’t mean you should buy a home at that price. Be wise in thinking through what you can actually afford and factor in any repairs or updates you plan on making in the Whittier home. 


3.  Not reading the fine print- It’s smart to have your Whittier Real Estate agent review all your paperwork and discuss it with you so you don’t get caught off guard at closing. There are a few documents and items that are truly critical, and you can request a copy of these in advance. This gives you time to review them and ask questions before closing.


4. Waiting or not buying at all- Waiting to buy a home in today’s market can be costly!  Home prices continue to rise as do mortgage rates, so buying now can save you thousands in the long run.  Still leery of jumping into the market?  All the time you spend procrastinating on buying a Whittier home, you could be building equity, getting tax deductions and enjoying the many other benefits of homeownership!


5. Forgoing a home inspection- Even if a home appears to be in perfect condition, it’s a mistake to assume that it’s actually problem-free. Even brand new homes can have defects, so getting a professional inspection before making the commitment to buy is crucial. Be sure to attend the inspection so the inspector can explain any issues.


6. Falling for love at first sight- There are many beautiful homes in Whittier and throughout Rockingham County from which to choose.  However, if you don’t shop around the Whittier Real Estate market and see what else is out there, you could miss out on a good deal or potentially regret your purchase. While you don’t need to visit every home on the market, you should compare at least three homes before you make a decision to ensure that you’re getting the right house at the right price.


7. Thinking short-term- The Whittier home you purchase should be a place that feels like home to you and your family, but it’s important to remember that it’s also a huge investment. When shopping for a home, it pays to think about resale down the road. Search for homes in the area of town that best suits you, and look for features that future buyers will want, such as a great kitchen and lots of storage space.


8. Making an offer without contingencies- Having a back-out plan is a must for smart home buying. If the home has an irresolvable flaw, it doesn’t appraise for the purchase price, or your lender refuses to fund your loan, having contingencies on your contract gives you the right to cancel the transaction.


We hope that bringing these mistakes to light will help you avoid them!  Having an experienced Whittier Real Estate agent by your side will also ensure someone is there each step of the way to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.


If you’re ready to take the next step, we would be happy to talk with you!


We look forward to hearing from you!


The Domis Team
Prudential California Realty
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