Fix #1: Paint!

Neutral colors are not only inexpensive, they appeal to the broadest spectrum of prospective buyers, and that means more interest and a higher value

Fix #2: Repair!

Simple repairs can prevent large problems, and large problems can negatively impact the value of your home. Also, old and worn hardwood flooring can easily be refinished for a vibrant, new feel. 

Fix #3: Replace!

Things such as carpets and rugs can trap, store, and release smells and allergens, either of which can turn away prospective buyers. Additionally, old popcorn ceiling can be easily scraped away, adding to the appeal of your home.  New electrical fixtures are not only aesthetically pleasing, but the improvements in efficiency will have an immediate impact on your wallet.

Fix #4: Landscape!

Not only can new foliage improve your curb appeal, drought-tolerant plants can have a significant impact on your water consumption, and shade trees    can reduce your energy use, providing immediate benefits.  Also, a healthy, well-maintained yard and shrubs looks far better than a messy, over-grown one.  If a guest has to ask, “What is behind the hedge?” it is time to trim back.

Fix #5: Add!

Simple, cheap additions such as a water filtration system are the sort of small luxury that buyers look for.  Also, think about going green, because buyers are beginning to ask about utilities.

Fix #6: Clean!

For a true story of how cleanliness can impact the value of your home, check out our blog entry A Tale of Two Listings

Fix #7: Lighten Up!

Store Grandma’s old draperies away, because the simplest way to visually increase the square footage of your home is to let natural light illuminate your home. 

Fix #8: Little Steps!

Improvements don’t have to be all at once, but can take as long as you need.  Rather than try to live amongst constant renovations, take it room-by-room, or project-by-project.  This way, you can focus on making one aspect of your residence perfect before moving on.

Fix #9: Organize!

A clutter-free home is more attractive than one strewn with a random assortment of items.

Fix #10: Create Space!

Open-floor plans are immensely popular in the current market, so break out the sledgehammer and knock down that non-structural wall, or invest in a kitchen island to add cabinet space and create a sense of flow.

Fix #11: Exterior Upgrades!

Decks provide an expansion of living space, and awnings provide protection from both the rain and sun, and are useful socializing areas as well.  Insulated windows typically pay for themselves within a decade, and skylights can   introduce natural light into areas that may be lacking.

Fix #12: Focus on the Front!

As the saying goes, “A first impression is a lasting impression”, so spend some time upgrading your front walkway, front door and front entryway for an attractive and seamless transition from the outside to your home.

Fix #13: Interior Upgrades!

Think about the areas of your house that you use the most, and begin there.  Experts on many websites are adamant that the most productive thing you can do to improve the value of your home is to focus on your bathroom and your kitchen.  Start with cabinets, and work outward through appliances and paint to achieve that tied-together look that is popular. 

Fix #14: Keep it Simple!

Buyers are looking to make a house their home, so don’t focus on yourself while making upgrades.  Instead, try to make them very foundational, so that the prospective buyer can walk through and make their own wish list that they can implement after the deal is closed. 

Fix #15: Details, Details, Details!

Even small purchases and upgrades, such as a new shower curtain or recently polished handles, can improve the aesthetics of your home.

Fix #16: Work the Senses!

Not only will your prospective buyers be looking at your home, they will be smelling and listening too!  Arrange for kids and pets to take a day-trip to a friends’ or relative’s, and for an extra touch, bake something! Not only will your house smell homey, your prospects might be hungry! Not enough time or skill? Light a few candles or put a few drops of vanilla extract on a cookie sheet and stick it in the oven to make the house smell like a home.

Fix #17: Add a Room!

Got an extra den or storage room? With a little time and money, you can turn it into an extra bedroom! Just add a closet and a ceiling fan and viola! Or buy a few bookcases and a nice desk, and you have a ready-made home office

Fix #18: Un-Decorate!

While time-consuming and a little sad, consider packing away many personal items before showing your house.  This allows for the prospective buyers to begin imagining their own items in the home.

Fix #18: Fixtures!

Hanging lights tend to be forgotten about, and it won’t be long before they’re dated and dirty. Swap them out with something more modern and energy efficient.

Fix #19: Insulate!

If your attic isn’t insulated, you are losing money! This project is DIY, and materials inexpensive, but time-consuming.

Fix #20: Appraise it!

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