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For the past five years Hot Rodders and Classic Car owners from across the country have been meeting at LimeWorks Speed Shop, in Whittier, CA for an annual June event with a “car show and luncheon”. 

In 2005, in tribute to Mr. Wally Parks (1913-2007), LimeWorks Speed Shop gave of their time and money to do the “build up” for a replica of a roadster previously owned by Mr. Parks.  Wally Parks founded the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) in 1951 in California.  Drag Racing really became popular after World War II and the NHRA is a governing body for the sport of drag racing and holds races across the United States and Canada. Mr. Parks was also the first editor for Hot Rod Magazine

L. A. Roadsters Car Club in Pomona also had their 46th Annual Show.  L. A. Roadsters Car Club, was founded in 1957 and has grown into the premier car show for enthusiasts.  At this year’s event the public will have a chance to win a 1932 roadster.

The 1932 Ford Roadster has such a devoted following that Faith Grainger, a filmmaker and hot rodder, has made a film about the golden era of hot rodders, in the 1950s.  The Deuce of Spades movie,  is expected to be in theaters in August of 2010.

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La Habra Valley Community Fair Showcases Area FFA/4h Students

by The Domis Team

Last week, we enjoyed the 2nd Annual La Habra Valley Community Fair, event which showcased FFA/4H students.  This Community Fair has many things to offer for the public’s interest.  From an animal auction to crafting competitions to showcasing cars – and, don’t forget the food.  This Community Fair gives the FFA/4H students a chance to practice for the Orange County Fair competitions.

According to the La Habra Journal article, “Agriculture is still the biggest industry in California. You just don’t realize it living in the urbanized area. The district has made it clear it intends to continue supporting agricultural education for our students.”

What a wonderful 82 year old organization, established in 1928, for Future Farmers of America (FFA).  The FFA changed its name to “The National FFA Organization”, in 1988 to reflect the diversity of agriculture.  This organization motto is: Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.  The FFA’s emblem, is very interesting too.  The emblem consists of 5 symbols: cross section of the ear of corn, the rising sun, the plow, the eagle, the owl, and with the words Agricultural Education FFA.  Each symbol has a meaning that reflects the history, goals, and future of the FFA.

 Jim Davis, creator of “Garfield”, Trace Atkins, Matthew Fox, Don Henley, Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Bo Jackson, and President Jimmy Carter are some of the famous former FFA members.   The FFA is still having a strong impact upon the youth today.  Check out California schools with agricultural programs. Orange County has seven high schools and four community colleges with FAA programs.

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Rosie’s Garage: Living Proof One Person Can Make a Difference

by The Domis Team

All it takes is one person with a mission to change the course of events.  Such a person is La Habra Councilmember Rose Espinoza.  Before she was a councilmember Rosie Espinoza was a concerned parent, neighbor, and citizen.  She saw a need in her community and did something about it.

In 1990, after moving back to her hometown, Ms Espinoza discovered there was gang activity in her neighborhood and decided to talk to her neighbors.  In going door to door, in a grassroots effort to involve her neighbors, she realized many did not have an education above an elementary level.  Knowing that she needed to keep the children from joining a gang they would need an alternate option.  

 “Espinoza saw education as a path to help children become confident, capable and independent adults,”  and a way to break generational poverty.  With this vision in mind, Rosie Espinoza turned her garage into an after school tutoring program. But, most of all in order to win over the children she knew it had to be fun and cool to hang out at Rosie’s Garage.

It became so cool to hang out with Rosie and tutoring volunteers that a second site was opened in 1997.and in 2005, Rosie’s Garage took over a former gang house. “Last year, Rosie’s Garage was incorporated as a nonprofit organization, funded by private donations, foundation grants and an annual 5k run to benefit scholarships for Espinoza’s students.”

Ms Espinoza and Rosie’s Garage has won many awards over the past 20 years for helping over a 1,000 students to increased their reading, writing, and math skills.  One person - with a vision - can make a difference!

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When you pack up and move there are so many things to do and remember that it can become overwhelming.  Getting to the point of being overwhelmed is bad - bad for you, for your spouse, your children, and your pets.  The stress will be felt by all of your family members; from the youngest child to your pets.

Having a “To Do List” is wonderful and will lessen the stress.  It is good for everyone to be involved with a move.  By brain-storming with your spouse and children you can tailor your list to meet your family needs.  By using a “To Do List” you can plan out tasks several weeks in advance.  Of course, expect revisions to your list as things come up and change your plans.  By involving the whole family you can delegate tasks even to the youngest child and don’t forget the pets.

Now that you have got your list for the pre-move and the move; do you have a list for the post move? Ahhhh, forgot about the post move?  Be sure to ask your realtor about the post move “To Do List”.  As in a sport, the follow through of a post move list is just as important as the pre-move and the move list. 

You will find much of what applies for the people in your family will also apply to your pets.  So don’t forget about about the pets in your post move.  Moving with cats can be a challenge but, doable.

Here’s a good site with a comprehensive “To Do List”:

Don't forget to ask your realtor.  Realtors are a great resource and know more about the local businesses and communities. 

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