kids, jumpropeLa Habra is well known as the home of the Octomom, Nadia Suleman.  Her struggles often make the news, but just a few blocks away from her home, the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra seeks to make a big impact on a lot of children with little fanfare and little money.

Since 1955, the club has sought to offer “a safe place to learn and grow with dedicated employees offering character development and opportunities.”  A boys’ club in its early decades, the club serves kids ages 7-18 with sports, arts and crafts, extended day care, and homework help.  Through most of its existence, its growth and expansion have been facilitated by generous donations from wealthy citizens, corporations, and foundations who all appreciate the great contribution the Club continues to make to the community.

This year, when the non-profit held its Annual Kids Auction, it was hoping to meet or beat it 2009 purse of $125,000.  In the current economy, the auction only raised a fraction of the goal.  The amount was doubled by Board President Nancy Zinberg and her husband, who also donated the $5,000 she won in the sweepstakes drawing at the event.  Nonetheless, Director Michele Lawson praised the generosity of the board members, and retains her commitment to club programs at the main location at 1211 Fahringer Way and at the nine school sites. 

The Boys and Girls Club serves all children, but has a special passion for the disadvantaged, who need a special push to reach their potential.  Programs at the La Habra branch provide transportation so the kids can participate in daily activities and enriching field trips throughout the community.  

In 2006, the club collaborated with the La Habra City School District to obtain a State of California’s After School Education & Safety Grant, (A.S.E.S), and opened up 9 school sites which service over 780 children in addition to the thousands served annually at the main branch.  The club takes children dropped off by their parents to school in the morning and retrieves them in the evening.  In their time at the club, participants in the Extended Day School Year Program  receive help with their homework and the chance to participate in all club activities.

Day after day, the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra changes the lives of area children.  To maintain its great programs, the organization accepts donations and volunteers to supplement their grants funding and the work of their dedicated staff. 


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