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Make A Difference During Love La Habra!

by The Domis Team


LOVE | SERVE | CARE!!! Improve our city and help others in need by volunteering your time and talents at the Love La Habra day of service on Saturday, April 28th, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm!


This city-wide event brings together hundreds of volunteers and organizations within our community. La Habra joined the Love Our Cities Movement in September of 2015. Each year, service projects are planned to help particular neighborhoods within our community. There are still several openings for the service projects taking place this weekend. Join your family, friends, and neighbors in helping La Habra be a great place to call home for all of its residents.



AYSO Snack Shack

  • 1450 Schoolwood Drive
  • 8 openings
  • Click HERE for Project Information and to Sign Up

Girl Scout Activity Building/Outdoor Pavilion Rehab

  • La Bonita Park - 500 Granada Drive
  • 19 openings
  • Click HERE for Project Information and to Sign Up

McFadden Street Clean-Up

  • McFadden Street - between 4th and 5th Avenues
  • 13 openings
  • Click HERE for Project Information and to Sign Up

Whittier Pre-School

  • 1440 West Whittier Boulevard
  • 4 openings
  • Click HERE for Project Information and to Sign Up

Residents in La Habra take great pride in their community and make it an amazing place to live. If you are thinking of Buying your dream home in this beautiful community, give The Domis Team a call today or visit our website at

Image Credit: City of La Habra


Photography Tips for Your Online Posting!

by The Domis Team

Home buyers today are tech savvy and almost always begin their home searches online. This means that online listings are vitally important to garner interest in your home. If you are looking to sell your Whittier Area home, make it look its very best on the screen. There are some easy tips to follow to make your photographs look professional.

The photographs of your home are just the beginning! When you are ready to sell your home, give the Domis Team a call today at (562) 884-5373 or visit our website at

Buy or Rent? The answer is....Buy!

by The Domis Team

Maybe it's a question you have been asking yourself for a while.....should I buy my first home or keep on renting? While we understand the hesitation, we have an answer for you once and for should Buy!


When it all comes down to it, the major reasons to buy as opposed to rent are all financial. This may seem counterintuitive since buying a home is a major financial decision. While at the outset, buying a home might seem like an insurmountable cost but over the long term, it actually saves you money and makes sound financial sense.


To start, think of renting as paying off someone else's mortgage. Why help someone else make money when you could invest that same amount in yourself?! And on top of that, buying has been shown to be Cheaper than renting. Nationwide, renters spend 28.9% of their income on median rent while home owners spend 15.7% of their income on median housing costs (Zillow Research)! Buying allows you to have Stable Housing Costs since you know exactly what your mortgage payments are every month, unlike renting where it changes every time you move. Owning a home opens you up to Tax Savings that renters are not eligible for. It also can be seen as a form of Forced Savings that allows you to keep more money in your pocket. The net worth of home owners is 44x greater than renters (Federal Reserve). Finally, owning a home is an incredible Investment and one that you utilize every single day. With home values expected to appreciate 3.35% per year and 24.34% cumulatively over the next five years (Federal Reserve), you will be building equity from the moment you close on your new home.


Today is the day! Stop renting and start BUYING! Let the Domis Team guide you through the process and get you into your first home today! Check out the Homes for Sale throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area to get started! Give our experienced team a call today at 562-884-5373 or visit our website at

Sell Your Whittier Home With These Staging Tips!

by The Domis Team

The spring housing market is heating up. That means more competition from other sellers. Make your Whittier Area home stand apart from the crowd by staging your home. By following these simple staging tips, you can increase your chances of attracting buyers, and as a result, sell your home more quickly and at a higher price.


De-clutter and Clean

The first step for staging your home is removing all unnecessary clutter. This helps eliminate distractions, opens up the space, and has your home looking pristine. Put the clutter away in storage or sell/donate it. After de-clutter, it is time to deep clean your home. Repaint the walls, steam clean the flooring, and remove gunk and buildup from every nook and cranny. This initial step allows you to stage your home from a blank canvas.


Make A Great First Impression

The front exterior of your home is the very first thing homebuyers will see. You want to ensure that they are rushing to get in to see the rest of the home and not running for the hills. This means it is time to update your curb appeal. Add some potted plants, paint your front door, maintain your landscaping, and any other little touches you can make to have the face of your home looking its very best.


Look At Your Home With Fresh Eyes

Living in our homes becomes so routine that we often don't take a hard look at the space. Do a walk-through of your entire home and try to look at it with fresh eyes. From the doorway of each room, look for ways that you can make the space more inviting and appear larger. Think about simple changes you can make throughout the house that will help highlight its features.


Start At The Front

The foyer is the first stop inside that buyers will take. Make it inviting and sophisticated. Remove all clutter, add a fresh coat of paint, make the closet appear more spacious, update lighting and hardware, and place a simple flower arrangement in the space to keep it smelling fresh.


Make it Versatile

How you utilized the space is not necessarily how the buyer would do it. Try to appeal to the largest amount of people by upping your home's versatility. Paint over gender-specific colors. Remove personal items. Turn spaces into more general use rooms, such as an office or guest bedroom. This allows buyers to visualize themselves in the space.


Create Visual Space

You want all the rooms to appear as large as they possibly can. Use light, neutral paint colors. Place furniture away from walls and into groupings that people can easily move around. Make sure that focal points are not blocked by large furniture.


Use Odd Numbered Groupings

Interior decorators have found that odd numbered groupings are most affective. Although your want to keep accessories to a minimum (hence the de-cluttering), you also want to show off some in the best possible way. Chose your best items and place them in groups of three throughout the space.


Keep It Bright

A brightly lit home is one of the easiest staging tricks a seller can do. Buyers do not want a dark home. Wash all windows and add light, gauzy window treatments so the most amount of natural light can fill the space. Make sure there is plenty of artificial light as well. Make sure you have overhead lights as well as floor and task lighting. Update any lighting hardware that could use sprucing up.


Final Touches

When everything else is done, add some final touches to ensure your home is looking its very best. Make sure your cupboards and fridge are clean and organized. Hide cleaning materials and keep garbages emptied. Lay out fresh towels and add liquid soap dispensers to all the bathrooms. Clean off your doormats and sweep your front porch and walkways.


For more home selling tips, visit our website and follow-us on our Facebook page.


The Domis Team is Hosting a Shred Event this Saturday!

by The Domis Team


The Domis Team is hosting a FREE Shredding Event this Saturday, April 7th, to help our clients securely dispose of confidential documents. 

WHAT TO BRING: Unwanted documents that may contain personal information. Common types of unwanted items that should be shredded may include credit card statements or applications, bank statements, canceled checks, old tax information, medical records, and materials with identifying personal information like Social Security or bank account numbers. Bring all your documents, and they will be shredded while you watch. *Limit of 5 boxes or bags per family please*



The shredding event will take place in the parking lot of Keller Williams Realty at 16310 East Whittier Boulevard from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.


This event is FREE with the mention of this invite.

Please RSVP by April 6th  

Call 562-884-5373


We look forward to seeing you there!  Free Doughnuts & Coffee while you wait!

* Limit of 5 boxes or bags per family please 

Whittier's Art and Antique Street Faire 2018!

by The Domis Team

Looking for something fun to do this weekend in beautiful Whittier? Come to the Art & Antique Street Faire 2018!!!


Join the Whittier Uptown Association as they host this great community event for the 23rd year! On Saturday, April 7th, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, enjoy a lovely day in historic Uptown Whittier.


There will be 150+ vendors, artisans, and crafters! You will find original artwork in a variety of mediums, including paintings, ceramics, sculpture, photography, woodworking, knitted items, and so much more. There will also be antique and vintage dealers offering a unique array of goods. Find some incredible items for your Whittier area home that you cannot find anywhere else!


And, shopping is not all! Enjoy live entertainment from music to dance all day long, along with other great activities the whole family will enjoy. The Street Faire is a FREE event and will be held along Philadelphia Street (between Painter & Greenleaf Avenues).



The annual Art & Antique Street Faire is just one of the many community events that make Whittier an amazing place to live! If you are ready to find your dream home in this great Southern California community, be sure to Search Whittier Homes for Sale. Give The Domis Team a call today or visit our website at



Image Credit: Uptown Whittier Association


Add Beauty and Up your Curb Appeal with these beautiful Plants!

by The Domis Team

Make your Whittier Area pop this spring by adding some beautiful plants to your yard. These plants will add beauty to your curb appeal and help it stand apart from the competition in the market.


Carissa Holly

This plant grows 3 to 4 feet in height and 4 to 6 feet in width. It is perfect for small, compact areas. Enjoy the white blossoms in the spring and the glossy, green leaves all year round. This hardy, drought resistant plant is low maintenance, needing only a weekly watering and mulch.


This plant grows 10 to 48 inches in height and 12 to 24 inches in width. Add some beautiful color around your house with this hardy, drought tolerant plant. This plant loves hot weather and thrives in well-drained soil. Extend the purple-blue blossoms into the summer time by deadheading the blooms when needed.


Encore Azalea

This plant grows 3 to 5 feet in height and 3 to 5 feet in width. Unlike other azaleas, the Encore can be placed in bright, sunny spots. This plant offers two blooms, the first in spring and the second in late summer/early fall. It comes in a variety of colors and thrives in slightly acidic soil.


Harland Dwarf Boxwood

This plant grows 4 to 6 feet in height and 4 to 6 feet in width. Add some lovely evergreen color to your landscape. It's miniature tree shape makes it a great plant to add variety around your foundation. It does well in the sun or partial shade and moist soil. It requires little pruning and is quite disease resistant.


Heavenly Bamboo

This plant grows 4 to 5 feet in height and 3 feet in width.

This lovely plant offers color and texture to your yard year round. Its bright berries offers food for birds and provides a great accent around the foundation. It grows best in full sunlight but can survive in partial shade. This plant requires pruning in the spring.




This plant grows 3 to 5 feet in height and 3 to 5 feet in width. Place this plant front and center for its beautiful, fragrant blossoms and thick foliage.


Knockout Rose

This plant grows 4 feet in height and 3 feet in width.

With blooms throughout the seasons, your home will look great all year round thanks to this lovely plant. This rose cousin is easy to care for and quite disease resistant.


Laurel 'Otto Luyken'

This plant grows 3 feet in height and 6 feet in width. This lovely leafy plant looks great year round. It blossoms spiky white flowers in the spring and small black fruit in the summer. It requires weekly watering and extra care during its initial growing season.



This plant grows 3 to 10 feet in height and 3 to 6 feet in width. This woody plant can add a great focal point for your garden. It can be planted in partial sun and is ideal for placing in front of tall foundation walls or around porches.


Check out our other Home Selling Tips! Give The Domis Team a call today or visit our website at for all your real estate needs.

7 Warning Signs to Look Out for as a Home Buyer!

by The Domis Team

The spring home buying season is here! Now is the perfect time to Buy your dream Whittier Area home! Although you might have found a home that fits all of your needs on the surface, it is important to be a smart consumer and really inspect the bones of the home. A home inspector will help protect you by uncovering some underlying structural issues, but it is always helpful to know what to look out for yourself in order to make sure that the home is truly all that it seems. Look for these 7 warning signs that there could be issues with the home.



1. Bad Electrical - Electrical issues are important to look out for due to the fire hazard they pose. Be sure to check all outlets by touch and sight. Also, look for any exposed wires and flickering lights.

2. Bad Plumbing - Although the initial warning signs might not seem like a big deal, any potential water damage they could cause could wreak havoc on your new home. Check for leaks, drainage issues, low water pressure, and water stains.

3. Mold - Going hand in hand with the previous issue, you need to be on the look out for mold. Mold in the house poses a health risk to you and your family. Use your eyes and nose. Check for peeling paint, visible mold, rotted wood, and a musty smell.

4. Bad Repairs - If the home has clearly had some repairs or renovations done, try to examine the workmanship. If the materials seem cheap, tasks are incomplete, or anything seems done in an amateur fashion, it could be indicative that the repairs/renovations were not handled with the greatest care and will need to be redone on your dime.

5. Pests - No one wants pests to share their home with them. Be on the look out for damaged wood that could indicate termites or carpenter ants in the structure. Check for areas where mice and other rodents could easily enter the house.

6. Damaged Roof - While you can't climb up on the roof to make sure you won't be surprised by any future leaks, you can check for signs that the roof is damaged. Look to see how wear and tear has been dealt with. You want to see if there are any damaged and missing shingles.

7. Foundation Issues - The foundation keeps your home standing. Any potential foundation issues can be an incredibly expensive project to fix. Look inside the home for crooked floors and doors that have large gaps around them. Go outside of the home and check for trees close to the home that could have large roots as well as any cracks in the walls, driveway, and pathways.



Looking out for these warning signs can help you insure that the home your have fallen in love with is a smart purchase. The Domis Team is here to help you find and inspect the home you want to buy this spring. Give our team a call today or visit our website at

Family Fun Easter Events in Greater Los Angeles!

by The Domis Team

The Easter Bunny is heading to Greater Los Angeles for some holiday fun! Get in the holiday spirit with fantastic community events your whole family will enjoy!



Date: Saturday, March 24th

Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Location: Parnell Park (15390 Lambert Road, Whittier)

Cost: $5 wristbands

Enjoy visits from the Easter Bunny, crafts, dinosaur excavations, face painting, inflatables, and a helicopter egg drop!  


Egg Night

Date: Friday, March 30th

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: La Bonita Park (1440 West Whittier Boulevard, La Habra)

Cost: $10 per child

Egg hunts aren’t just for the littlest ones. This fun nighttime hunt is open to children ages 7 to 13. They will enjoy fun activities and a glowing hunt. Pre-registration is required and can be done by calling (562) 383-4200 or in person at the Community Center (101 West La Habra Boulevard).


Spring Family Eggstravaganza

Date: Saturday, March 31st

Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: La Bonita Park (1440 West Whittier Boulevard, La Habra)

Cost: $2 wristbands

Come to this 17th annual event for a family fun morning. Along with the helicopter egg drops and hunts for a variety of age groups, there will be an Eggs-treme Kids Zone filled with games, crafts, inflatables, balloon twisters, and a DJ! Parents will enjoy checking out the Community Resource Fair put together by the La Habra Family Resource Center.


Easter Egg Hunt

Date: Saturday, March 31st

Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Location: La Mirada Regional Park (13701 Adelfa Drive, La Mirada)

Cost: FREE!

Grab your basket and hop on over to La Mirada for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. Check out the bounce house, petting zoo, games, crafts, and live music. Have your photo taken with the Easter Bunny. Eat some delicious pancakes from the La Mirada’s Kiwanis Club.


Brunch with the Bunny

Date: Saturday, March 24th

Time: 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Location: Golden Park (8840 Golden Street, Downey)

Cost: Call (562) 904-7238

This festive day features a delicious pancake breakfast, fun carnival games, great live entertainment, and memorable photos with the Easter Bunny!


The Domis Team wishes everyone a very happy Easter!


Step by Step Guide to Home Buying!

by The Domis Team

Buying a home is a process. There are many steps involved from the time you start your search to when you are finally able to move your boxes in. If you are ready to find your dream home in the Whittier Area, help is here. Understanding the major steps of the home buying process will help eliminate any initial stress you might have. Here is a basic step by step guide to buying your new home!


1. Make a List of Wants and Needs! Know what your must haves are in your new home as well as those features/amenities you might prefer but are not deal breakers. Also, figure out a budget so you fully understand what you can afford. Doing this work ahead of time will allow you to narrow your search.


2. Begin Your Search! Start searching for your new home online.


3. Work with a Top Realtor! Finding a top real estate agent to work with will help you throughout the process. They understand the local market, the art of negotiation, and so much more that will undoubtedly help you find your dream home in no time.


4. Find a Lender! Ask your realtor for recommendations for the best lending agents to help you with your financial needs.


5. Decide on a Loan! Pick out the perfect mortgage for you based on the budget you created at the start of the process. If you are able to get pre-approved for a loan, you will stand out to sellers.


6. Start Looking! Hit the road with your realtor to start looking at homes. Home information online is helpful at the start but you will never get the full feel for a home until you walk through it. Attend open houses and schedule showings of homes you are interested in to find the right home for you and your family.


7. Make an Offer! After finding the perfect home, it's time to put in an offer. Your realtor will help you draft an appropriate offer that will hopefully make the home yours!


8. Enter Negotiations! Understand that there will likely be a counteroffer from the seller. This is where your realtor comes in handy because they are well versed in the step. Discuss what you are willing to pay for the home and what conditions you need to feel comfortable with your purchase.


9. Inspect the Home! One of the most important steps is the home inspection. You need to make sure that there are no underlying issues with the home that you could not see during the open house. Ask you realtor for licensed home inspectors in your area and go with them during the inspection so you can ask questions as they pop up.


10. Have the Home Appraised! Now it is your lender's time to determine the cost of the home. If it is appraised close to your offer, the home is yours!


11. Closing! During closing, you will finalize all paperwork to transfer the home to you.


12. Move In! Enjoy life in your beautiful new home!


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